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Systematic Withdrawals in Retirement

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning

Many of us grew up with the concept that making regular, periodic contributions to our retirement account was a sound investment strategy. The idea was that, in a fluctuating market, regularly investing a set amount would enable...

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Choosing a Retirement Plan that Fits Your Business

Small Business Owner | Retirement
Are you saving enough for retirement?

One survey found that 79% of small business owners expect at least some of their retirement income to come from tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts.1 If you have yet to develop a retirement plan for your...

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More Growth Potential Than CDs | How Do Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities Work?

Annuity | Annuity Quote
MYGAs usually have terms that last anywhere from 3 to 10 years.

For retirement savers wanting more growth potential than what CDs and other fixed-interest assets might offer, fixed index annuities can be an attractive option. Indexed annuities can earn...

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Avoiding Cognitive Decline

Of those aged 65 and older, 10 to 20 percent have mild cognitive impairment. In addition, women have a 1 in 6 chance — and men have a 1 in 11 chance — of developing Alzheimer’s during the remainder of their lives.¹

There are three basic forms...

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Revising Estate Strategy Assumptions

Taxes | Financial Advice | Financial Planning
Recent tax law changes represent a good reason to revisit your existing approach to estate management.

When the rules of the game change, tactics should follow in response to the new landscape. While estate tax exemptions have ridden an...

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Tax Planning Strategies Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic and 2020 Election

Taxes | retirement Planning | Annuity quote
These are just some of the tax-saving strategies that you can use to lower your tax bill.

A lot has happened in 2020, from the novel coronavirus and its effects on the economy to Congress adding trillions to the...

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How an Annuity with an Income Rider Can Help You

Annuity | Annuity Quote
The income rider ensures that you will receive an income stream that is contractually guaranteed for the rest of your life.

The modern financial landscape for today's retirees is quite different from that of prior generations. Corporate pensions are disappearing, and...

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The Great Debate Continues: Active vs. Passive

Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
Do you prefer the approach taken by index funds or the strategy behind active management?

Whether it’s sports, music, or politics, life holds any number of “great debates”– debates that never seem to reach a conclusion. In investments, that great...

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Understand Universal Life Insurance

Retirement | IUL | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
There are a few common types of universal life insurance policies and it’s crucial to understand what you’re buying.

If you’re in the market for life insurance, there are plenty of options available. And if you’re looking for a...

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A Living Trust Primer

A living trust is a popular consideration in many estate strategy conversations, but its appropriateness will depend upon your individual needs and objectives.

What is a living trust?

A living trust is created while you are alive and funded with the assets you choose to transfer...

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Worried about Taxes Increasing? Here's a Solution.

Save on taxes | IUL | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
What’s the point in growing a tax-free account if the government can take it all back in the future with higher taxes?

In the past, we’ve talked about planning for retirement. But now I want to ask...

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Mutual Funds vs. ETFs

Investing | Financial Advice
Determining whether an ETF or a mutual fund is appropriate for your portfolio may require an in-depth knowledge of how both investments operate.

The growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has been explosive. In 1998, there were only 29; at the end...

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3 Ways Life Insurance Can Help Maximize Your Retirement

Life Insurance Quotes | 401k Rollovers | ROTH IRA Conversions
Having a policy to draw from can take the pressure off investment accounts if the market is sluggish, giving them time to rebound.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who owns a permanent...

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A House Divided

Financial Advice | Divorce
Dividing assets may sound simple but it can be quite complex.

The latest research suggests that divorce rates in the U.S. have been falling in recent decades. Still, many people face the difficult crossroads that comes when their marriage ends.1

Getting a divorce is...

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COVID-19 Is Prompting Families to Rethink Their Finances

Life Insurance | Financial Advice
It’s important to remember that any amount of life insurance is better than none at all⁠.
COVID-19 has led families to cancel travel plans, get (semi!) comfortable with homeschooling kids and deal with all kinds of other inconveniences.

As if that weren’t...

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Choosing a Business Structure

Business Formation | Business Incorporation
The choice of business structure is not an irreversible decision.

In March 2015, about 679,072 new business had been created in the preceding year.¹ All individuals pursuing the dream of exercising their entrepreneurial muscles, will face the same question, “Which business...

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When It's Time to Move Your Portfolio from Growth to Income

Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning | Social Security
Have a pension? Consider other sources of guaranteed income for living expenses.

Earlier in your career, you focused on saving and growing your money so you could pursue your financial goals later in life. You might have...

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Is An Indexed Universal Life Policy Right For You?

IUL | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
Indexed Universal Life’s earnings rate is pegged to a financial index such as a stock index.

According to LIMRA, indexed universal life insurance policy premiums increased 23% in 2014. But financial experts warn this product, which was first introduced...

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Retirement Planning Tips for Solo Agers

Retirement Planning | 401K Rollover |TSP Rollover
Aging-in-place is a much-desired goal for most retirees.

With record numbers of baby boomers retiring, many new trends are coming into the retirement landscape. Among boomers, there is one growing trend of "solo agers," or those who retired without...

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The Value of Insuring Against Life’s Risks

Insurance | Life Insurance Quote

Did you know that...

  1. Fifty-eight percent of American workers have no private short-term disability insurance.1,2
  2. Thirty-four percent of working people in the U.S. lack private long-term disability coverage.1,2
  3. More than 40 percent of U.S. households have no life insurance.3,4
  4. Approximately 13 percent of...

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Here's A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
A bucket plan can help you be better prepared for a comfortable retirement.

John and Mary are nearing retirement and they have a lot of items on their bucket list. Longer life expectancies mean John and Mary may need to prepare...

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Crowdfunding—Capital for the 21st Century

Business Loans | SBA Small Business Loans
Crowdfunding continues to gain momentum as more people search the Internet for new financing choices and fundraising alternatives.

One of the earliest examples of crowdfunding occurred in 1884 when funds ran short for building the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal....

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What Franklin Templeton's RISE Study Teaches Us

Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
Generations Xers were the most concerned about saving for retirement.

Franklin Templeton's annual Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations Survey (RISE Survey) was recently released for 2020. This is the ninth year that the RISE Survey has been published.


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Ways That Can Help You Improve Your Business Credit Score

Apply | Small Business Loan
According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), insufficient or delayed financing is the second most common reason for business failure.

At, we help small businesses apply for financing through our network of banks including SBA loans, Bank Term loans,...

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Common Retirement Mistakes Made by Federal Employees

Federal Employee Retirement Planning | TSP Rollover Services
Routinely review your Official Personnel Folder (OPF) for accuracy.

As a postal or federal employee, you have high-quality federal benefits. In time, they will play directly into your retirement, whether you will be eligible to retire in...

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Roth IRA vs. Life Insurance

Retirement Planning | Taxes
It’s important to understand the differences between a Roth IRA and life insurance.

In a few ways, a Roth IRA and life insurance share some similarities. They both receive tax-advantaged treatment in the IRS code. They enable efficient wealth transfers...

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Estate Management Checklist

Retirement Planning | Estate Management | Wills
Certain financial documents can outline your financial wishes.

Do you have a will?

A will enables you to specify who you want to inherit your property and other assets. A will also enables you to name a guardian for...

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Insuring Your Business Against Cyber Liability

Small Business Owner Retirement
As obvious and simple as these precautions may sound, some businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks because of their failure to take them.

One study found that 43% of cyber attacks target small business, and 60% of small companies go out of business...

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How Living Benefits Can Help You in Retirement

Taxes | retirement Planning
Failure to diversify tax liabilities at retirement may negatively impact retirement income.

Many people know about life insurance and how it may give financial protection. What about using life insurance in retirement? Just look online, and you will find all sorts of...

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Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Investing | Financial Advice
When deciding how to allocate investments, many start by taking into account their time horizon, risk tolerance, and specific goals.

Everyone loves a winner. If an investment is successful, most people naturally want to stick with it. But is that the best approach?


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Learn IRA Withdrawals that Escape the 10% Tax Penalty

IRA | Save on Income Taxes
Outlined below are the circumstances under which individuals may withdraw from an IRA prior to age 59½, without a tax penalty.

The reason withdrawals from an Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) prior to age 59½ are generally subject to...

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The Cost of Procrastination

Some of us share a common experience. You’re driving along when a police cruiser pulls up behind you with its lights flashing. You pull over, the officer gets out, and your heart drops.

“Are you aware the registration on your car has expired?”

You’ve experienced one of...

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How Can Guarantees Help You in Your Retirement Plan?

Annuity Quote | Safer Alternatives to the Stock Market
Safer alternatives to the stock market.

Annuities can bring more stability and certainty to a retirement portfolio. But how do you know you are getting a good deal for your money?

The biggest advantage that annuities can...

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Investing for Impact

Financial Advice | Investing
No matter how you decide to structure your investments, don’t forget it's always a smart move to speak with your financial professional before making a major change.

Many investors are looking to build a portfolio that reflects their socially responsible values, while...

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What to Look for in Personal Finance Apps

Financial Advice | Money
Using an app to help with your personal finances may be a great first step in becoming a better money manager.

Mobile applications have become ubiquitous. While many of these apps are games and social media platforms, an increasing number have been...

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Estate Planning | Retirement
The SECURE Act’s rule change for RMDs only affects Americans turning 70½ in 2020 or later.

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act is now law. With it, comes some of the biggest changes to retirement savings law...

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Keeping Good Records is Good Business

Financial Advice | Business Loans
The right software can make life more productive; the wrong software may cost you time and money.

Maintaining good records is important to help meet your tax and legal obligations. The right record keeping system not only helps satisfy these obligations,...

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TIPS for Inflation

Financial Advice | Financial Advisor
In recent years, inflation has remained low, which has allowed the Fed to maintain low, short-term interest rates.

In February 2018, Jerome Powell was appointed as Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. He became the 16th chair...

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Is Term Life Insurance for You?

Term Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
Several factors will affect the cost and availability of life insurance, including age, health, and the type and amount of insurance purchased.

Term insurance is the simplest form of life insurance. It provides temporary life insurance protection on a...

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Please Leave Home Without It

Financial Advice | Social Security

Concerns over identity theft continue to grow, especially with the news of data breaches at major companies and financial institutions. Unfortunately, you have little control over when a company is hacked, but you do have control over your own actions.


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1035 Exchange Explained

Annuity | Annuity Quote
1035 exchanges can be used to exchange a life insurance policy, modified endowment contract, or an annuity contract for a long-term care policy.

According to the most recent information available, Americans have individual life insurance with a total face value of...

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Exploring the Federal Student Grant Program

College Scholarships | How to Pay For College
The Department of Education offers multiple aid packages as part of the Federal Student Grant Program.

You may have heard of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, if you or someone you know has plans...

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When Should You Start Preparing For Retirement?

Retirement | Financial advice | Financial Advisor
When you’re younger, preparing for retirement may be a fairly simple process.

Depending on where you are in life’s journey, retirement may seem like a distant mirage, or it may be closing in faster than expected.

You might...

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4 steps every woman can take to help prepare for retirement

Retirement Planning | Financial Advice
Since women are living longer than men, it’s crucial to be more engaged in long-term planning and ensure you have a well-thought-out retirement income strategy.

Many men and women approach money management and financial wellness differently and this difference often extends...

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4 Steps to Protecting a Child with Disabilities

Life Insurance | Financial Advice | Estate Planning
Just as every child with special needs is unique, so too are the challenges facing their families when planning for the long term.

Raising a child is expensive and can cost a quarter of a million dollars, not...

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The Changing Definition of Risk in Retirement

Retirement | 401K Rollover | TSP Rollover
It’s not so much about managing your exposure to stocks, but considering new strategies that adapt to your new landscape.

During your accumulation years, you may have categorized your risk as “conservative,” “moderate,” or “aggressive” and that guided how...

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Lots of Variables with Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Mortgage Protection Insurance
The payments on a 30-year mortgage are generally lower than 15-year loans, but their interest rates tend to be higher.

When selecting a fixed-rate mortgage, a prospective borrower has to determine how many years to finance the loan. Some financial institutions offer 10-year...

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How To Offset Extended Care Costs: Protect Your Assets, Income and Legacy

Long-term care insurance | Financial advice
Medicaid can help with basic expenses - but generally only after you have impoverished yourself by spending your assets down to less than $2,000 depending on your state.

All of us would love to pass on a decent-sized...

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Year-End Charitable Gifting and You

Financial Advice | Charitable Giving
Do you know the ins and outs of charitable giving? It's more complicated than you may think. Learn more now.

Are you making charitable donations at year’s end? If so, you should know about some of the financial “fine print” involved,...

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Tax Deductions You Won't Believe

Taxes | Financial Advice | Financial Planning
One business owner reported an insurance payment as income, but then deducted the cost of the arsonist as a “consulting fee.”

While Americans are entitled to take every legitimate deduction to manage their taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

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Developing a retirement strategy? It's critical to know the differences between investment types.

Financial Advice | Retirement Planning
Both traditional and Roth IRAs can play a part in your retirement plans.

Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), which were created in 1974, are owned by roughly 33.2 million U.S. households. And Roth IRAs, created as part of the Taxpayer...

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How Severe Was the Market Drop Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 | Financial Advisor | Annuity | Annuity Quotes
In total, Americans lost $2 trillion in total retirement savings in 2008.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has had an economic toll that has affected tens of millions of people. Everyone has felt the impact in some form or...

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Why Long-Term Care Planning is Essential for Boomers

Long-term care insurance | Financial advice
Without long-term care insurance, the cost of a nursing home stay or a home health care aide could wreak havoc on your finances and whittle away at that nest egg you've worked so hard to build.
As millions of baby...

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Amid COVID Crisis, Many Savers Eye Fixed-Term Annuities

Annuity | Annuity Quote
A fixed term annuity provides a regular retirement income for a number of years.

Pension and life insurance companies are reporting a major up tick and demand for fixed term annuities since the coronavirus outbreak started, with the number of applications almost 4...

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Teen Drinking and Your Liability

Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
Drinking may be a “rite of passage” for teens, but when it occurs in your home you may be held responsible for their actions.
Despite the overwhelming research documenting the health and behavioral consequences of underage drinking, some parents believe that allowing...

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You May Need to Make Estimated Tax Payments If…

Tax Planning | Financial Advice
Have income that isn’t subject to tax withholding? Or insufficient withholdings? You may have to pay estimated taxes.

You may have to make estimated tax payments if you earn income that is not subject to withholding, such as income from self-employment,...

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How to Leave Money to Someone Who Can't Handle Money

Financial Advice | Financial Planning
Design your incentives and conditions thinking of the heirs you actually have, not the heirs you wish they were.

We all love our children. And if we are blessed with a legacy to leave behind we all want them to enjoy it. 


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Protecting Your Business from the Loss of a Key Person

Key Man Insurance | Business Retirement Planning
Business owners may be able to protect themselves from the financial consequences of losing a key employee.

Charles de Gaulle once remarked, “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”¹ While we know that life goes on regardless of the...

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What Do Your Taxes Pay For?

Tax Planning
Here's a breakdown of how the federal government spends your tax money.

Taxes are one of the biggest budget items for most taxpayers, yet many have no idea what they’re getting for their money.

In 2017, as in recent years, Americans spent more on taxes than...

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Succeeding at Business Succession

Small Business Owner | Business Succession Planning
There are a number of reasons for business owners to consider a business succession plan sooner rather than later.

According to the Conway Center for Family Business, family businesses account for 64% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP),...

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When to Self-Insure

Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
Choosing to bear the financial burden of an adverse event is called self-insuring. Do you know what that entails?

One reality of life is that risk is ever present. It exists in our commute to work, in our investment choices, and...

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Retirement Income and the Traditional Portfolio

Annuities | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
Experiencing negative returns early in retirement can potentially undermine the sustainability of your assets.

Taking withdrawals from a traditional portfolio exposes fixed-income investors to “sequence of returns” danger. In other words, experiencing negative returns early in retirement can...

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Personal Finance Tips for Military Families

TSP Rollover | Military Retirement Planning
Military families face unique challenges, making personal finance even more critical.

One survey found that military personnel have higher credit card debt and fewer tangible assets than their civilian counterparts.¹

While the financial situation of military personnel and their families...

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Social Security: The Elephant in the Room

Social Security | Social Security Benefits
Social Security’s financial crisis is real, but the prospect of its failure seems remote.

For most Americans, Social Security has represented nothing more than some unavoidable payroll deduction with the positively cryptic initials of “FICA” and “OASDI” (Federal Insurance Contributions...

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Do You Owe The AMT?

Taxes | Tax Preparation
If you want to avoid potential surprises at tax time, it may make sense to know where you stand when it comes to the AMT.

American educational reformer Horace Mann called education “the great equalizer.”1 In football, it’s been said that turnovers are...

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Tips for Getting a Head Start on College Savings

College Planning | Ways to Pay for College
There are a number of federally and state-sponsored, tax-advantaged college savings programs available.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates a middle-income family with a child born today can expect to spend about $285,000 to raise that child...

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An Unprecedented Rush To Cash

401k Rollover | TSP Rollover
Economists are struggling with the question, “When will consumers be confident enough to start spending some of that cash stockpile?”

As Americans adjust their spending habits in a rapidly changing economy, they are building cash reserves at an unprecedented rate.

The Bureau of...

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Is a SEP-IRA Right for Your Business?

Small Business Owner Retirement Planning | SEP
Most business owners and professional will need at least $1 million in retirement to maintain their lifestyle.

If you're like many small business owners, running your own business is an all-consuming endeavor.

In the face of everyday demands,...

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How Will Working Affect Social Security Benefits?

Social Security | Retirement Planning
Starting Social Security benefits before reaching full retirement age brings into play the earnings test.

In a recent survey, 68% of current workers stated they plan to work for pay after retiring.1

And that possibility raises an interesting question: How will working affect...

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Red Flags for Tax Auditors

Business Formation | business tax accounting
The IRS has a scoring system it calls the Discriminant Information Function that is based on the deduction, credit, and exemption norms for taxpayers in each of the income brackets.

No one wants to see an Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

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9 Facts About Retirement

Retirement Planning | 401k Rollover

Retirement can have many meanings. For some, it will be a time to travel and spend time with family members. For others, it will be a time to start a new business or begin a charitable endeavor. Regardless of what approach...

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IRA Withdrawals that Escape the 10% Tax Penalty

The SECURE Act | IRA Withdrawals | Retirement Planning
Under the SECURE Act, in most circumstances, once you reach age 72, you must begin taking required minimum distributions from a Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

The reason withdrawals from an Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) prior...

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The Business Cycle

Small Business Owner Retirement | Investing
Investors who understand that the economy moves through periods of recovery and recession may have a better perspective on the overall cycle.

What has upswings and downturns, troughs, peaks, and plateaus? Though such terms could easily describe a roller coaster ride,...

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Countdown to College

College Scholarships | College Financial Aid
Preparing for college means setting goals, staying focused, and tackling a few key milestones along the way.

As a parent, of course you want to give your child the best opportunity for success, and for many, attending the “right” university...

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Eight Mistakes That Can Upend Your Retirement

Annuity | Annuity Quote | 401k Rollover Services
Workers have tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement.

Pursuing your retirement dreams is challenging enough without making some common, and very avoidable, mistakes. Here are eight big mistakes to steer clear of, if possible.

  1. No Strategy: Yes, the...

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What Is an Annuity?

Annuity | How do annuities work
The money invested in an annuity grows tax-deferred. There is no contribution limit for an annuity.

Individuals hold about $2.2 trillion in annuity contracts; a tidy sum considering an estimated $9.2 trillion is held in all types of IRAs.1


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Insuring Your Business With a Buy/Sell Agreement

Business Retirement \ Key Man Insurance | Life Insurance
One way of safeguarding a business is to create a buy-sell agreement.

Life insurance is designed to help protect a household from the financial hardships that may follow the untimely death of a primary wage earner.

But how will...

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Global vs. International: What’s The Difference?

Investing | Financial Advice | Financial Advisor
The definition may seem clear, but what may seem less clear is why an investor might select one over the other.

With international stock markets comprising about 45.5 percent of the world’s capitalization, a broad range of investment opportunities...

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All Muni Bonds Are Not Created Equal

Retirement Planning | Fixed Income |Annuity
Both general obligation and revenue bonds share certain investment risks

The city of Detroit emerged from bankruptcy in 2014. Still, its previous inability to pay investors left some questioning their long-held assumption about the relative safety of municipal bonds. Without...

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How Full Retirement Age Affects Social Security

Social Security | Retirement Planning
Making the right choice can make a difference of tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the lifetime benefits are paid.

As you gear up for crucial retirement decisions such as Social Security, you may have heard of “full retirement...

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A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

Annuity | Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
A bucket plan can help you be better prepared for a comfortable retirement.

John and Mary are nearing retirement and they have a lot of items on their bucket list. Longer life expectancies mean John and Mary may need...

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How will you weather the ups and downs of the business cycle?

Business Loans | SBA Business Loans | Employee Benefit Plans
What could the business cycle mean for your investment decisions?

The business cycle is the term used to describe the expanding and contracting pattern of the US economy. Up until the 1800s, it was thought...

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Lifetime Income Options That Can Help You Reach More Financial Confidence

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Social Security Planning
The shift from pensions to self-managed retirement accounts has brought large change for retired and working-age people.
Today, Americans bear more financial responsibility for their retirement than ever. The days of receiving monthly pension checks are gradually fading....

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Catch-Up Contributions

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
Setting aside an extra $6,500 each year into a tax-deferred retirement account has the potential to make a big difference in the eventual balance of the account.

A recent survey found that 23% of people were very confident about having...

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Your Changing Definition of Risk in Retirement

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
Annuities are for savers who like the peace of mind of guaranteed monthly income they can count on.

During your accumulation years, you may have categorized your risk as “conservative,” “moderate,” or “aggressive” and that guided how your portfolio...

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How You Can Use Annuities for Greater Tax Efficiency in Retirement

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Taxes
Having the right annuity for your needs can be a strong addition to your retirement portfolio.

As an annuity owner, you take comfort in knowing that you have planned for an uninterrupted lifelong retirement income stream. Working alongside other income sources...

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4 financial tips for the sandwich generation

Retirement Planning | Annuity | Annuity Quote
Your parents should have a plan for important legal and financial matters like retirement spending, long-term care and estate planning.
Almost half of Americans in their 40s and 50s are part of the sandwich generation — meaning they have a...

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Options to Long Term Care Insurance That Can Save You Thousands (Video)

Free eBook | Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
This new personal finance series will save you thousands

What if you could get a huge deposit into your income account, have it grow at a guaranteed rate and have a guaranteed payout of your retirement income account...

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Traditional vs. Roth IRA

ANnuity | ROTH IRA | Retirement Planning
Like a traditional IRA, contributions to a Roth IRA are limited based on income.

Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), which were created in 1974, are owned by roughly 33.2 million U.S. households. And Roth IRAs, created as part of...

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Protecting Your Business from the Loss of a Key Person

Small Business Owner | Retirement Planning | Key Man Insurance
When considering the coverage amount the business owner should first calculate the financial impact of the loss of a key person.

Charles de Gaulle once remarked, “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”¹ While we know...

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How an Annuity Laddering Strategy Works in Retirement Planning

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Financial Advisor
An annuity -- or any financial or insurance solution for that matter -- must make sense for you and your financial circumstances.

When we are ready to retire we must convert the growth of our savings and investments into...

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Investment Strategies for Retirement

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Financial Advisor

You’ve probably given a lot of thought to what your dream retirement will look like. Now it is time to decide how you are going to pay for it. Like the rest of life, retirement doesn’t come with guarantees....

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Details on the Tax Deadline Extension

Taxes | Retirement Planning | Financial Advice
Do you think you will owe money? The earlier you determine what you owe, the more time you have to plan your tax payment.

The Internal Revenue Service knows that many taxpayers have had a stressful spring. So, it...

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Don't Let Headlines Get You Down

Retirement Planning | Annuities | 401K Rollover
We can probably expect to see more shocking headlines in the months ahead.

Even in “normal” times, the news can be depressing. But these days, it can seem like there’s an awful lot to worry about. Here’s a sampling of...

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Social Security: Five Facts You Need to Know

Social Security | Financial Planning | Financial Advisor
You may begin receiving benefits as early as age 62, though your benefits will be reduced at a rate of about one-half of 1% for each month you begin taking Social Security before your full retirement age.

Social Security...

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Certain Uncertainties in Retirement

Financial Advice | Financial Advisor | Retirement Planning
Over a 30-year period, uncertainties may evaporate or resolve themselves, but new ones historically have emerged.

The uncertainties we face in retirement can erode our sense of confidence, potentially undermining our outlook during those years.

Indeed, according to...

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What Is a FIST Score?

Financial Wellness | Retirement Planning | Debt Consolidation
FIST Score is built to help you build and sustain an individual action plan customized to meet your financial goals.


Gauging your financial health is much more complex than determining your credit...

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Monthly Market Insights | May 2020

Financial Advisor | Investing | Wealth Management
What Investors May Be Talking About in May

U.S. Markets

Stocks rebounded sharply in April, fueled by a flattening pandemic curve and positive results from a clinical trial investigating a treatment for the virus.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average,...

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Does Your Portfolio Fit Your Retirement Lifestyle?

Financial Advisor | Retirement Planning | Asset Management
How you choose to live in retirement may be an additional factor to consider when building your portfolio.

Most portfolios are constructed based on an individual's investment objective, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Using these inputs and...

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Three Key Questions to Answer Before Taking Social Security

Social Security | retirement Planning | Financial Advisor

Social Security is a critical component of the retirement financial strategy for many Americans, so before you begin taking it, you should consider three important questions. The answers may affect whether you make the most of...

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See Why You Need Life Insurance

Insurance | Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
Without a doubt, your first priority in life is taking care of your children. It's a good time to start thinking about their future.
Everyone deserves a secure financial future—and that's why life insurance is so important. Whether...

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Social Security: Maximizing Benefits

Social Security | Financial Advisor | Retirement Planning
There are multiple ways you can potentially raise your Social Security benefits.

Most understand that waiting to claim Social Security benefits can result in higher monthly payments. However, many don’t know that there are other ways...

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Learn How To Make Smarter Choices About Retirement

Financial Advisor | Registered Investment Advisor | Retirement Planning
Even if you consider yourself a conservative investor, remember that stocks historically have provided higher long-term total returns than cash alternatives or bonds, even though they also involve greater risk of volatility and potential loss.

Five Keys to...

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Value vs. Growth Investing

Wealth Management | Investing | Registered Investment Advisor

Looking at their recent track records doesn’t do much to settle the debate. Over the past decade, as a whole, value stocks have not performed as well as growth stocks.1 But looking at a larger body of...

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Jennifer Lang Financial Services Launches New eBook to Tackle the Financial Planning Issues of Women

Books Online | Free ebooks | Financial Advice | Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
Women have unique financial needs. This eBook serves to help women with tips and guidance to maximize growth and protect retirement capital.
Retirement Planning Specialist and Author Jennifer Lang, today announced the...

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Social Security Benefits: How Much Will I Receive

Annuity | Annuity Quote | financial Advisor
The Social Security Administration allows you to calculate your personal benefits without you having to do any of the math.

Next to “When should I claim Social Security benefits?”, one of the more common questions people have is “How...

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Don't Let These Annuity Myths Fool You

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Financial Advisor
Annuities are the only financial vehicle that can offer guaranteed lifetime income.

Before you add an annuity to your income strategy, it’s prudent to understand what an annuity does and what it doesn’t do. Essentially, annuities are insurance contracts....

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The Investment Risk No One’s Ever Heard Of

Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor | Investing
The sequence of returns risk refers to the uncertainty of the order of returns an investor will receive over an extended period of time.

Knowledgeable investors are aware that investing in the capital markets presents any number of risks,...

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Four Reasons Millennials Need an Estate Strategy

You’re young, have little in savings, and might not have anyone relying on you, financially. So, why do you need to think about estate management?1

Here are four great reasons:

Estate Strategies: They're Not Just for the Elderly

  1. You need a will. You...

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Understanding Long-Term Care

Life Insurance Quote | Long Term Care Insurance
Many self-insure by default – simply because they haven’t made other arrangements.

Addressing the potential threat of long-term care expenses may be one of the biggest financial challenges for individuals who are developing a retirement strategy.


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A Taxing Story: Capital Gains and Losses

Taxes | Financial Advice | Financial Advisor
Capital losses may be used to offset capital gains. If the losses exceed the gains, up to $3,000 of those losses may be used to offset the taxes on other kinds of income.

Chris Rock once remarked, “You don’t pay...

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A Primer on Dividends

Financial Advisor | Investing
In a period of low interest rates, investors who want income may want to consider all their options.

When interest rates reach historic lows, some investors turn to dividend-yielding stocks when in search of income-generating investments.

When a company makes a...

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THE ABCs Of Zero Coupon Bonds

Financial Advisor | CFP Certified Financial Professional | Fiduciary
If you sell a Treasury zero coupon bond prior to maturity, it could be worth more or less than the original price paid.

At first blush, the idea of a bond that doesn’t pay interest seems oxymoronic....

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Lesser Known Provisions of the SECURE Act For College Students

The SECURE ACT | Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
For those who have graduate funding, the SECURE Act allows students to use a portion of their income to start investing in retirement savings.

The SECURE Act was passed into law in late 2019 and...

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The Great Debate Continues: Active vs. Passive

Personal Finance | Financial Advisor
The fascinating aspect of this debate is that equally intelligent people can argue polar opposite positions, leaving the rest of us to wonder what the answer is, if one even exists.

Whether it’s sports, music, or politics, life holds any number...

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Getting A Head Start On College Savings

College Planning | College Savings Plan | Ways to Save for College
By investing wisely, you can help tackle the financial obstacles of funding their higher education.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates a middle-income family with a child born today can expect to spend about...

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Retirement Strategies For Women

Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
Retirement may look a little different for women, but with the right strategies – and support – you’ll be able to live the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Preparing for retirement can look a little different for women than it does...

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How to Make the Tax Code Work for You

Taxes | Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
Understanding credits and deductions is a critical building block to making the tax code work for you.

By April 19, 2019, 137million taxpayers had dutifully filed their federal income tax returns.1 And they all made decisions about deductions...

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Is a SEP-IRA Right for Your Business?

Small Business Owner Retirement
A SEP can be established by sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations, including S corporations.

If you're like many small business owners, running your own business is an all-consuming endeavor.

In the face of everyday demands, choosing a retirement plan for...

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Weekly Market Insights: First Post-COVID-19 Data Arrives

Investing | Financial Advisor | Wealth Management
Stocks wavered throughout the week as investors digested the economic data and balanced the reports against signs that the pandemic may have peaked.

Stock prices pushed higher last week as news of a White House plan to reopen the...

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Investors Cringe As Oil Prices Drift Lower

401K Rollover | Retirement Planning | Wealth Management
Even the White House might be considering its choices, which may include tariffs on oil imports, or paying U.S. companies not to produce oil.

Thanks to COVID-19, flying is down, driving is down, and the price of fuel is...

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Know your 401(k) options between jobs

401K Rollover | Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
People leaving an employer typically have five options with their 401(k) retirement plan.

Few life events are more stressful than a job loss.

If you or someone you know is in this situation due to COVID-19, you’ll likely...

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A Decision Not Made Is Still a Decision

401K Rollover | Retirement Planning | Annuity Quote
Because of the dynamics of the markets, an investment that may have once made good sense at one time may no longer be advantageous today.

Whether through inertia or trepidation, investors who put off important investment decisions might...

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Pullbacks, Corrections, and Bear Markets

Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
Periods of market volatility can be the worst times to consider portfolio decisions.

The COVID-19 outbreak has put tremendous pressure on stock prices, prompting some investors to blindly and indiscriminately sell positions at a time when the entire market is...

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Mortgages in Retirement

Retirement | retirement Planning
Some homeowners benefit from a mortgage interest deduction on their taxes.

Anyone who has gone through the process of mapping out their retirement knows there can be a lot to keep in mind. Saving, investing, anticipating medical costs, and making sure you...

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Prevent a Rift: Money Tips for Newlyweds

Life Insurance | Financial Advice | Financial Advisor

In a recent study, 88% of millennials admitted that financial decisions are a source of tension in their relationship with a spouse or partner. This could help explain why some experts say financial problems are the #1...

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Your Emergency Fund: How Much Is Enough?

Life Insurance | IUL | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
The ideal amount of your emergency fund may depend on your financial situation and lifestyle.

Have you ever had one of those months? The water heater stops heating, the dishwasher stops washing, and your family ends up...

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What a Market Correction Means for You

401K Rollover | IRA | Retirement Planning
As an investor, getting through a correction means having the poise to ride out short-term volatility.

Here’s a quick refresher: a correction is defined as a decline of 10% or greater from a recent high in the financial markets. Corrections...

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ROTH IRA Conversions in the Era of COVID-19

401K Rollover | IRA | ROTH IRA | Retirement Planning
In the face of the market downturn after the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be in a unique financial situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up nearly every aspect of American life. To say it’s been a difficult...

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401K Options After a Job Loss

401K Rollover | IRA | Retirement Planning
The CARES Act waives the 10% early withdrawal penalties on 401(k) plans, giving some account owners up to three years to replace what they take out of their 401K.

Few life events are more stressful than a job loss.


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How to fund an annuity from your IRA

401K Rollover | IRA | ROTH IRA | Annuity
Deferred annuities may offer protection of your principal. Fixed deferred annuities guarantee your principal and a minimum rate of interest as declared in the contract when you buy the annuity.
Annuities as an IRA Investment Option A...

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American Women Do Not Have Enough Life Insurance

Life Insurance | Online Life Insurance Quote
The younger and healthier you are, the less life insurance will cost you.
Both women who work and those who stay at home contribute to the economy and to their families. From completing household tasks to making important decisions...

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Common Financial Potholes

Personal Financial Planning | Financial Advisor
The journey to financial independence can feel a bit like driving around with your entire retirement fund stashed in the open-air bed of a pickup truck. Every dollar bill is at the mercy of the elements. Think of an unforeseen...

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Claiming Social Security Early -- How Much Does It Leave On the Table?

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Social Security

Sure, you can start your Social Security benefits at age 62. But is it better to claim early or delay benefits until a later date? While a one-size-fits-all answer doesn’t work for everybody, a new study suggests that ill-timed...

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Improve Your Love Life... With a Financial Strategy?

Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote | Financial Planning
Everyone could use a little help on their way to financial stability and independence.
Who knew that having a financial strategy in place has the potential to improve your love life?​ Here's the proof: 84% of Americans...

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The Challenge Of Losing Your Income

Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote | Disability Insurance
In the event of a disability, critical illness, or premature death of a breadwinner? Those situations are a bit tougher to bounce back from – especially that last one.

You’ve already got a lot to deal with. Why...

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Converting Your Term Life Insurance to a Permanent Policy

Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote | Converting a Term Policy to Whole Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance can help provide the lifelong security that you may want, and if you have a convertible policy, it can be significantly easier to make the switch.


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    Hey millennials! When Should You Get Life Insurance?

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    Talk to a financial professional today and find out what type of life insurance is best for you.
    If you’re young and healthy. You should strongly consider purchasing life insurance, and here’s why: People who are young, healthy and have a...

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    Using an Annuity to Help Pay for College

    Ways to Pay for College | Annuity | Annuity Quote
    Graduating with student loan debt comes with tremendous responsibility, especially since interest continues to accumulate as time goes on.
    Saving and paying for college can be a challenging goal and you may be among the many...

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    A Universal Idea for Business Owners

    Small Business Owner Insurance | Key Man Insurance | Premium Financing
    If some of the unique features of universal life are appealing to you, perhaps now is the time to consider how this type of policy can best fill the needs of your business plan.

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    How Much Money Do I Need for Retirement?

    Annuity | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    Make sure you have open and honest and regular conversations with your spouse about what level of income you want to achieve in your retirement.

    Determining how much money you need in retirement is both a mathematical and a personal...

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    Are Your Employees Covered When Working at Home?

    Life Insurance | Employee Benefits
    Don’t blur the lines by allowing employees to use personal equipment for company business; it’s harder to control the quality of information and may inadvertently lead to security issues down the road.

    Whether your employees telecommute a few days each week or...

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    Three Retirement Options to Consider Aside From a 401(k)

    Annuity | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    One key thing 401(k)s and IRAs (excluding annuities) have in common is that when your money is gone, it’s gone.

    About 58 percent of Americans have access to a 401(k) or a similar employer-sponsored retirement plan. A 401(k)...

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    College Funding: Four Ways to Save for College

    Life Insurance | Ways to Pay for College
    Which Ways are Best for You? Each family has unique circumstances: Different finances, sources of income, academic aspirations (and strength of each student), etc. For many families, it makes sense to seek college preparation, selection and funding advice...

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    Your Retirement May See These Major Changes, Thanks to the Coronavirus Economic Relief Bill

    Annuity | Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    If you find yourself in a lower tax bracket for the year and the coronavirus has affected your income, you may want to consider taking a distribution to make up lost ground anyway.

    Recently, Congress passed and President Trump...

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    Do You Have Enough Life Insurance? Find out Here

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote

    If you have never purchased life insurance or if it has been a while since you bought your policy then you may be under-insured. Use these tips to help calculate your life insurance needs. Plan ahead for life-changing events:...

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    A Woman’s Guide to Long-Term Care

    Annuities | Long-Term Care Insurance | Life Insurance Quote

    Women face unique financial challenges as they age. When compared with men, women live longer, earn less, and spend fewer years in the workforce. Financial concerns are often more acute for older women who are divorced,...

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    Why Waiting to Take Social Security Benefits Can Pay Off

    Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
    Over half of Americans begin collecting Social Security before reaching their full retirement age.

    Most Americans depend on Social Security for retirement income. Today, 55 percent of Americans aged 65 or older live in households that receive at least 50...

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    Lower-Income Gen Xers, Baby Boomers Will Run Out of Money in Retirement: Study

    Retirement Planning | Financial Advice | Financial Planner

    Recent research shows that baby boomers and Generation Xers who are in the lower income brackets are more likely to fall short of their retirement goals, which will leave them lacking enough money to live on. 


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    Coronavirus and Life Insurance, What You Need To Know

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote | Apply for Life Insurance Online
    Some experts think life insurance companies may impose stricter underwriting standards.

    If you have life insurance and are concerned if it will pay out in case you pass from COVID- 19, you can rest assured...

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    Understanding SBA Loan Programs Under the Stimulus Plan's CARES Act

    CARES Act | SBA Paycheck Protection Program | Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL)
    Sign up for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan due to COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to get started.
    1. Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) The CARES Act made several changes...

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    Structuring Small Business: Clarifying Roles As You Grow

    Business Loan | Small Business Loan | SBA Loans
    Growing a small business takes capital. Here are lenders that say yes!
    When looking ahead to the growth of your business, it makes sense to focus on the strategic issues—the where’s, when’s and how’s. But as pointed out...

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    How to Get Guaranteed Income While Pensions are Disappearing

    Annuity Quote | Safer Alternative To the Stock Market | Guaranteed Retirement Income
    Many people planning for retirement still desire a secure, dependable, permanent income they can't outlive.

    Once upon a time, pensions were a staple of the U.S. retirement system. But in the last 20...

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    Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance Life Insurance: What's the Difference?

    Life Insurance | Safer Alternatives to the Stock Market
    People looking for safer alternatives to stock market volatility may want to consider indexed universal life.

    When shopping around for a life insurance policy, you have many choices. From monthly low-cost term insurance, to more expensive...

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    How Not to Run Out of Money in Retirement

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    If you are projecting an income shortfall in your plan, one strategy would be to create an annuity.
    “What can we do to not run out of money in retirement?” and “Will we have enough money to last as long as we...

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    Retirement for the Self-Employed

    Small Business owner Retirement Plans Employee Benefit Plans
    There are a number of vehicles available to the self-employed in the form of retirement accounts.

    In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of being prepared for retirement. Of course preparation is different for everyone. For one, women...

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    Where To Get Small Business Loans Under $50,000

    Business Loan | Small Business Loans
    More small business owners are turning to alternative lenders for outside financing. That’s because the application process is very easy and decisions are often made within a day.
    It’s not always easy for small business owners to pinpoint the...

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    Are you sure about this?

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    Nearly every working adult dreams of a comfortable retirement, to finally be free to enjoy life.If you’re approaching retirement age, it’s important to check on your numbers to be sure you’ve considered all the factors. If you’re younger, it might be difficult...

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    Why Just Having a Large Lump Sum Isn't Enough for Your Retirement

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    With a large-sized portfolio in hand, you may feel like your financial future is set, but there are still plenty of potholes to avoid on your road to retirement.
    Congratulations! You have accumulated a nice “nest egg” – or a large lump...

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    8 Questions to Ask Before Taking Out a Small Business Loan

    SBA Business Loan | Online Business Loan Lenders
    If you run a profitable business with decent cash flow but need funds to expand or refinance expensive debt, a loan can be a good idea.

    The decision to take out a business loan is a big one!...

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    Want a Comfortable Future Retirement? Start Planning Now

    Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
    Just three percent of Americans have a written financial plan.
    When venturing into the great unknown, you wouldn’t travel without a GPS or a map. They are a “must-have” for reaching your destination. And for arriving on time, for that matter! How...

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    4 Reasons Why Life Insurance From Work May Not Be Enough

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    One thing to keep in mind is that the group term policy doesn’t build cash value like other types of life policies can.

    In some industries, the competition for good employees is as big a battle as the competition for...

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    Don't Panic: What You Need To Know For Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    One important thing to keep in mind is that the exam’s purpose isn’t to pass or fail you based on your health.
    I don’t know about you, but most people don’t like exams – either taking one or having one done...

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    Watch Out for These Financial Blunders

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    Not setting aside money for our future wants and needs is unvarnished moronic, delusional behavior. The time to start retirement planning is always now.

    ​Most of us would agree, as we go through life, we make blunders, mistakes, misjudgments… In short, we...

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    Historical Lessons To Learn From

    Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor

    When the economy is tooling along and we find ourselves facing only an occasional hiccup in our money matters that falls short of expectations, it’s easy to feel complacent about the future. Surely life tomorrow will be a lot like it...

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    Will your retirement money last as long as you do?

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    To maximize your money, think about your retirement portfolio as having three different buckets.
    If you worry that your money won't last your entire retirement, you're not alone. As of 2017, the average 65‑year‑old man can expect to live...

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    Medicare Advantage Part D Plans Get COVID-19 Leeway

    Medicare Advantage Part D | coronavirus | COVID-19

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued new guidance regarding how Medicare Advantage and Part D plans can respond to enrollees affected by the  coronavirus outbreak.

    Under the guidance, the plans are authorized, but not required...

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    Types Of Commercial Real Estate Loans: Your Top 5 Options

    Business Loan | SBA Loan | Fast & Easy Small Business Loan
    Interested in a commercial real estate purchase or refinance? Consider these business loan options.

    Purchasing or refinancing a commercial real estate (CRE) property can help a business owner build personal net worth and strengthen...

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    Five Smart Things You Can Do with Life Insurance Cash Value

    Life Insurance | Retirement Planning
    If your beneficiaries are grown up and no longer rely on your life insurance death benefit, you may execute a 1035 exchange to a lifetime income annuity maximizing your income over your expected lifetime, rather than paying a large death benefit....

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    Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Will I Run Out Of Money In Retirement?

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    Healthcare will become more costly as you go along in retirement as well. Include some buffer in your projections for health costs.

    Investment planning is different from retirement planning and as retirement age Americans sit helplessly waiting for a cure to COVID-19,...

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    How to Combat Inflation Risk When Facing Retirement In a Bear Market.

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    Like everything, inflation adds up over time.

    Does the prospect of saving for retirement seem more daunting than ever? You may be concerned with market losses, the risk of outliving your money and Inflation.

    Ronald Reagan once famously said“Inflation is...

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    Ten Year Warning! How Retiring In a Bear Market Affects How Long Your Retirement Savings Will Last

    Annuity | Annuity Quote
    Investment planning is different from retirement planning. As you get closer to retirement, it's important to start planning your retirement income strategy or you may need a refined or updated income plan that helps you achieve your specific retirement goals.

    The 2008...

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    Ready to Aim for Financial Wellness? You Need a Guide

    Financial Advice | Financial Advisor
    Managing money without a plan is like steering a ship without a rudder.

    Have you ever seen a documentary on thrill-seekers heading to some far-flung destination?

    Scaling Mount Everest. Base-jumping off Europe’s Troll Wall. Biking on the World’s Most Dangerous...

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    Do Millennials Face More Financial Hardships?

    Financial Advice | Financial Advisor
    But rather than making condemning judgements toward a group of people, ask yourself this: how do Millennials actually feel about certain things, like retirement or the economy or getting a job?

    Because every generation believes that younger generations have it...

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    Healthcare Cost To Consume Half of Social Security Income By 2030

    Retirement Planning | Long-Term Care Insurance
    Plan ahead for long-term care costs. Medicaid only kicks in after you have spent down most of your assets to poverty levels, and only if your income is at the poverty level in your state.

    ​In 11 years, health care...

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    Top Reasons Why People Buy Term Life Insurance

    Life Insurance | Term Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    Term life insurance can provide income protection to help keep your family’s financial situation solid, and help things stay as “normal” as they can be after a loss.
    These days, most families are two-income households. That...

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    Hybrid Policies Blend Long-term Care and Life Coverage

    Life Insurance | Long-Term Care Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    If you need long-term care services, you can use this death benefit to help pay for the cost.

    One of the biggest mistakes people make in planning their health and life coverage is assuming they'll never...

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    Why You Should Care About Insurable Interest

    Life Insurance Quote | Online Life Insurance Quote
    Life insurance is a great example of having an insurable interest without ownership.

    First of all, what is insurable interest? It’s simply the stake you have in something that is being insured – and that the amount of...

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    Tips on Managing Money for Couples

    Life Insurance Quotes | 401k Rollovers | ROTH IRA Conversions
    ​Couplehood can be a wonderful blessing, but – as you may know – it can have its challenges, too. In fact, money matters are the leading cause of arguments in modern relationships.* The age-old adage that...

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    Boost Your Daily Routine with These 3 Financial Habits

    Life Insurance Quotes | 401k Rollovers | ROTH IRA Conversions
    It’s late Friday afternoon. Your to-do list is a crumpled, coffee-stained memory in the bottom of your wastebasket. Another great week in the books! But as you head out for a night on the town with...

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    3 More "I Dos" for Newlyweds....

    Life Insurance | Online Life Insurance Quote
    Life insurance policies are not “one size fits all.” There are different types of policies with different kinds of coverage, benefits, and uses.

    Congratulations, newlyweds! “To have and to hold, from this day forward…” At a time like this, there...

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    Could Pension Maximization Work for You?

    Annuity Quote | Annuity
    Your circumstances are unique. They should be carefully considered before deciding your pension payout strategy. Consulting with a financial professional can help you explore your options and determine which strategy might be best for you.
    If you are among the rare few...

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    How To Create a Social Security Bridge for Maximum Payout.

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
    Market downturns aren’t the only factor which can drain retirement funds. Events such as emergency medical situations or unexpected personal crises may also lead to financial duress.

    Proper retirement income planning takes into consideration things that could jeopardize...

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    Life Insurance: Before or After Baby?

    Life Insurance Quote | Term Life Insurance
    Many people get life insurance after one of life’s big milestones:

    • Getting married
    • Buying a house
    • Loss of a loved one
    • The birth of a baby And while you can get life insurance after your baby is born or...

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    6 Financial Commitments EVERY Parent Should Educate Their Kids About

    Small Business Owner | Incorporation
    Many great companies have been started by two or more chums with a shared vision and an effective combination of skills. If either of the partners isn’t prepared to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship, the outcome might be disastrous, both from...

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    So You Want to Buy Life Insurance for Your Parents...

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    Even if the policy doesn't provide sufficient coverage to retire the debt completely, a life insurance policy can give you some breathing room until you can make other arrangements.
    Playing Monopoly as a young kid might have given you some strange...

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    Retirement Income Planning: 5 Tips for Lifelong Financial Security

    Financial Advisor | Annuity Quote | Annuity | Guaranteed Lifetime Income
    Investors who work with a financial professional often report better outcomes in a variety of areas: higher retirement savings, more confidence about their retirement finances, better peace of mind, and an improved sense of personal...

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    What You Need To Know About Permanent Life Insurance

    Life Insurance | Life Insurance Rate Quote
    ​There are two types of policies, but it’s more accurate to think of them as temporary or permanent. It’s kind of like renting an apartment vs. buying a home.

    Most people, when they think of life insurance, might think of...

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    Small Business Loans for Single Moms: What You Need To Know

    Business Loans |SBA Loans | Fast Business Loans
    Looking for a reputable small business loan lender? We can help. Click here.....
    Being a single mother means life can be challenging and unpredictable. The same can be said for starting and running a small business. For single...

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    Leverage IUL Insurance for Retirement | Alternatives to the Stock Market

    Life Insurance | Retirement Planning |IUL
    One type of IUL insurance product is designed to offer growth and income potential. This type of robust solution may be most attractive to people ages 35-55 who are seeking accumulation as well as multiple options to optimize income distribution.

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    4 fundamental home buying guidelines

    Mortgage Protection | Term Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
    Before you make your move, try to save up for the 20% down payment as well as any additional amounts to help cover closing costs. You’ll also want to have an emergency fund stashed away before...

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    Debunking a Few Popular Retirement Myths

    Annuities | Annuity Quote
    In retirement, you could pay taxes on money withdrawn from IRAs and other qualified retirement plans, perhaps even a portion of your Social Security benefits.

    It seems high time to dispel some of these misconceptions. Generalizations about money and retirement linger. Some have...

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    Are fixed indexed annuities primed for growth?

    Annuity Quote | Retirement
    If you are thinking about retirement what's your plan B for Long-Term Care costs? Medicare only pays for 100 days, after that how will you pay for it and where will the money come from?

    Concerns about the spread of the coronavirus...

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    Keep Your Life Insurance When You Retire

    Life Insurance | Retirement Planning
    You can pull out the cash, tax-free, as long as the amount withdrawn is less than the amount paid into the policy.

    Some good reasons to retain it. Do you need a life insurance policy in retirement? ​One school of thought says...

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    When should you start preparing for retirement?

    Retirement | Retirement Planning
    When you're young, the main considerations are life insurance and savings.
    Depending on where you are in life’s journey, retirement may seem like a distant mirage, or it may be closing in faster than expected. You might think that deciding when to start...

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    6 Reasons To Use Index Universal Life Insurance To Save For Retirement

    Life Insurance Quote | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
    Learn safer alternatives to the stock market.

    A key reason that index universal life has become so popular is that it is an excellent product in which to save money now to produce steady cash flow later in...

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    How To Protect Your Home Mortgage Obligation

    Mortgage Protection Insurance | Term Life Insurance

    If you have a home mortgage, and a monthly payment that is dependent on your earned income, watch this short video to learn how you can pay off your home mortgage or continue making your monthly mortgage payment even...

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    Survey:Gen Xers Sandwiched Between Multiple Financial Priorities

    Retirement | Retirement Planning
    Medicare does not pay for long-term care. Medicare only pays for 100 days. After that, what's your plan B? Talk to us, we can help.
    “The Breakfast Club” was a classic coming-of-age film. The stars of the movie? Gen X misfits dreaming of...

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    Protect the Profitability and Value of Your Business With Key Man Insurance

    Small Business Owner | Business Insurance
    Every business owner has to prepare for the future. It helps to speak with a knowledgeable financial professional to lead you along the way.

    If you are a business owner, and your profitability is dependent on the special skills, experience,...

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    What If I'm Not 59 and 1/2 Years Old?

    Annuity Quote
    You have options. You can roll over your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or lump sum pension payment into an annuity tax-free.

    The sky is falling! ......Okay maybe not, but the Coronavirus is looking like the sort of unexpected, black swan event that scrambles...

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    Here's Why America Needs a Financial Wake-Up Call

    Annuity Quote | Retirement
    Nearly one in two Americans (48%) said they worry about their finances, leading to sleep loss, distractions at work, and other disruptors in work performance.

    If consumer studies give any indication, America needs a financial wake-up call. A lack of consumer financial...

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    401(k) vs. IUL

    Life Insurance | Safer than the Stock Market
    Indexed Universal Life Insurance offers some potential for savings growth while keeping your money intact when the market falls.
    In the last decade, we had two major market crashes. Understandably, many working professionals worry about the long-term safety of...

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    5 Reasons Why Having Life Insurance Is Good for You

    Online Life Insurance Quote
    Life insurance can also maximize a pension by supplementing a surviving spouse’s income, or established into a life insurance trust to allow you to pass on to your heirs outside of your estate (often avoiding both estate and income taxes).

    We get...

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    A Retirement Fact Sheet

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    The reality of retirement may surprise you. If you have not met with a financial professional about your retirement savings and income needs, you may wish to do so.

    Some specifics about the "second act." Does your vision of retirement...

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    Retirement Income Planning for Couples

    Financial Planning | Retirement Planning
    Baby boomers had the highest level of disagreement about how much money they need for their lifestyle in retirement.
    Over the years, you and your spouse have probably had many wonderful conversations about your retirement dreams. Maybe you talked about traveling to...

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    Ever Wonder Why "They Hate" Annuities

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    As we prepare for retirement, we must be mindful that people are living much longer today. Guaranteed income from annuities give you added peace of mind.

    We've all seen them.......Those TV shows and commercials where the wealth manager of an...

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    Working Age Investors and the Growing Need for Financial Literacy

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    Before you retire, consult a financial professional. Many working-age investors don’t fully know what their investments are.
    Like other working-age investors, you may have a 401(k) account — or another employer retirement plan. In anticipation of the future, you probably are socking...

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    Difference between Traditional and Roth IRA

    ROTH IRA | Annuity Quote

    There are many types of IRAs. But two of the most common are the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. The type of account you select can have a significant impact on your long-term household savings. The biggest difference between...

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    Forced to Retire? Here's What to Do When You Leave Your Job Early

    Annuity Quote | 401k Rollover
    Learn how to shield up to 25% in RMDs taxes. Talk to a financial professional at
    Imagine you are driving to work one day and daydreaming about all the things you will do when you retire. But when you walk into...

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    What is a 1035 Exchange?

    Annuity Quote | Retirement
    A knowledgeable financial professional can help you walk through these considerations. Contact

    Do you have a current annuity or insurance policy that doesn’t fit your needs well? If you are on the lookout for a new policy, a 1035 exchange may be...

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    Why Financial Literacy is Vital for a Happy Retirement

    Financial Advice | Financial Planner
    Get no-market risk financial planning now. Save money and protect your future. Contact
    As Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” But actually investing in gaining more financial knowledge is an activity that many...

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    Business Insurance—all you need to know

    Insurance | Business Insurance
    Business insurance not only protects your business, but helps to protect your hopes & dreams.

    Protecting your business is essential to secure the means of your earning by limiting the risk factor to a minimum. At times, it could be all the difference...

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    Beware Medicare Doesn't Cover Everything

    What is Medicare | Retirement Planning
    Retirement Planning Services at will help you put together a holistic plan for retirement.

    Many retirees get an unpleasant surprise after turning 65 and signing up Medicare. It doesn't provide complete coverage of health care costs. In fact, there are...

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    5 Ways You Can Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

    Social Security | Financial Advice
    Does your retirement plan factor in inflation, health care and lon-term care costs and give you the peace of mind that you'll never outlive your money? If not, contact

    More than 9 out of 10 current retirees rely at least...

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    Retirement Planning Options for Small Business Owners

    Small Business Owner Retirement Planning Services
    Small Business Owner Retirement Planning Services at

    As a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you are used to taking the lead. But there is one frontier you may still need to master… the future of your retirement. That...

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    Federal Employee Retirement Planning | What You Need to Know About the Thrift Savings Plan

    Annuity Quote | Federal Employee Retirement Planning
    Choose an annuity with more options at

    While many private-sector workers build their nest eggs through 401(k) plans, federal employees and members of the uniformed services have their own retirement savings and investment plan. This is called the...

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    How the Middle Class Can Do Financial Planning to Make Way for a Great Future

    Financial Advice | Financial Planning
    No-Market Risk Financial Planning at

    It is often perceived that financial planning is only for the rich people. However, this idea is fast getting outdated. Financial planning is for anyone who wants to maximize their profit in order to have...

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    Paying Your Mortgage When Your Income Discontinues

    Online Life Insurance Quote | Term Life Insurance Quote
    What if you should suffer a disability before your home is paid off? Should your mortgage insurance also have a disability provision?

    Mortgage Protection; Disability and Risk.  For many Americans, their home represents both security and peace...

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    Protect Your Retirement Plans against Stock Market Volatility

    Annuity Quote | Social Security
    As you approach retirement, consider how much risk you're willing to take. An annuity can help protect your principle from market loss.

    Over the long run, the stock market has been a historically reliable generator of wealth for generations of investors.


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    Investment - Why Starting Early Will Work in Your Favor

    Financial Advice | Retirement Planning
    Learn No-Market Risk Retirement Planning Strategies. Click here....

    All of us wish to gain financially stability, but only a few of us manage to achieve that. Fortunately, there is a way through which you can save up money and become financially stable....

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    Financial Moves for Adults Living with Parents

    Financial Advice
    Learn more financial planning strategies at our podcast, Independent Wealth Planner Strategies with Jennifer Lang
    A major trend in 21st Century American life is the number of young adults living at home with parents or other family. The numbers jumped over 10% since 2000 and...

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    Putting a Price Tag on Your Health

    Online Life Insurance Quote | Term Life Insurance
    Get a life insurance quote online now....
    Being healthy not only makes you feel good, it may also help you financially. We constantly hear how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is not always easy, especially...

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    Why you need an insurance review

    Online Life Insurance Quote | Term Life Insurance Rate Quote
    Compare life insurance rates online. Get a life insurance quote now....
    Insurance is intended to protect your assets and to help cover certain risks. Policies may have standardized language, but each insurance policy should be tailored...

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    How Do Life Insurance Companies Look At Heart Disease & Heart Attacks

    Online Life Insurance Quote | Term Life Insurance
    Compare online life insurance rate quotes now. Get a quote...
    When buying life insurance, your health matters. One of the most common impairments we run into with underwriting is heart disease. It comes in many shapes and...

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    17 Ways to Finance Your Small Business

    Business Loans | SBA Business Loans
    Grow Your Business With a SBA Loan. Click here to apply.
    Financing a new business can be extremely challenging.You must secure enough capital to purchase everything you need to begin offering your product or service—from a physical location to a website,...

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    Is Your Company's 401(k) Plan as Good as It Could Be?

    401k Rollover Services | Retirement Planning
    401(k) Rollover Services and No-Market Risk Retirement Planning
    Is your company's 401(k) plan as good as it could be? Two recent court rulings may make you want to double-check. How often do retirement plan sponsors check up on 401(k)s? ​Not as often...

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    Keep Your Umbrella Handy

    Financial Advice | Annuity Quote
    Financial advice by
    Have a home-based business? Have a teen driver? Consider umbrella insurance. In 2017, the U.S. had a record 11.5 million millionaires, up from 10.8 million in the previous year. An increase in personal wealth may bring greater financial...

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    Annuities Are Not For Investors, Annuities Are For Savers.

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Income Planning
    Annuities offer guaranteed income peace of mind against loss. Something the stock market cannot do.

    Comparing annuities to stocks and mutual funds, is like comparing apples to oranges. They are just not the same.

    The path to saving for...

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    Preparing to Retire Single

    Annuity Quote | ROTH IRAs
    ROTH IRA Conversions Can Help Shield Up to 25% In Taxes
    Unmarrieds need to approach retirement planning pragmatically. In an ideal world, it would be simple to prepare for a solo retirement. You would just save half as much as a couple...

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    Managing Your Tax Brackets: Planning If Taxes Go Up and Planning If Taxes Go Down

    Retirement Planning | Income Taxes
    Tax-free Retirement Planning at

    It’s always important to diversify and spread your risk among many investments. Diversification can help protect you from fluctuations among different assets and asset classes.1 But, what about diversifying your tax rate exposure? By diversifying among different...

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    Pros & Cons of Different Small Business Retirement Plans

    Small Business Owner Retirement Plans
    Small Business Owner Retirement Plans at
    As a small business owner, you may want a better retirement plan – one that will let you and your key employees save much more for retirement. If the annual contribution limits on standard...

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    Annuities make it more feasible to retire in a down market.

    Annuity Quote
    Get an Annuity Quote From a Safe Money Retirement Income Pro

    If you are within five years of retirement (before or after), you're especially vulnerable to a downturn. A recent RetireOne study showed what happens to someone who retires with...

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    Searching for Health Coverage in the Years Before Medicare

    Financial Advice | Retirement Planning
    Retirement Planning with Medicare in Mind.
    What are your options for insuring yourself prior to age 65? If you retire before age 65, you must be prepared to address two insurance issues. One, finding health coverage in the period before you can...

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    When You Retire Without Enough

    Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
    Retirement planning should include annuities for guaranteed lifetime income and long-term care benefits
    Start your "second act" with inadequate assets, and your vision of the future may be revised. How much have you saved for retirement? Are you on pace to amass...

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    Yes, Young Growing Families Can Save & Invest

    Online Life Insurance Quotes | Financial Planning
    Start Your Own Retirement Plan With Only $100 a month.
    It may seem like a tall order, but it can be accomplished. Plan to put yourself steps ahead of your peers. If you have a young, growing family, no doubt...

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    Financial Preparation For Millennials

    Financial Planning | Retirement Planning
    Financial Planning | Retirement Planning for Millennials

    Recessions are never good for anyone. A sputtering economy means miserable financial, emotional, and physical-health consequences for everyone from infants to retirees. But the next one—if it happens, when it starts happening—stands to...

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    Discover the 403(b)

    Financial Advice | Retirement
    Retirement Planning Services at Jennifer Lang Financial Services
    This retirement plan allows teachers & employees of non-profits to invest for their futures. Does your spouse contribute to a 401(k)? You are probably eligible for a retirement plan that can help you save and...

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    Are You Financially Stable?

    Finacial Advice | Personal Finance

    FInancial STability is nothing more than good risk management. The main areas of financial risk that often impact families can be summarized by the four L’s:

    1. Longevity (Living Too Long)
    2. Life (Dying Too Young)
    3. Liquidity (Losing Your Job)
    4. Loans (Borrowing Too Much)


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    Can You Afford to Ignore This Retirement Risk?

    Life Insurance Quote | Retirement
    Chronic Illness Is a Major Problem for Senior Adults.1 Are you protected?2
    Boomers are living longer. And, a healthy retirement plan should account for the possibility of needing care later in...

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    The Key To Profitable Small Businesses

    Small Business Loans
    We help businesses grow. Business Loans, Merchant Accounts, Apply Today

    Odds are only about 50-50 that your small business will survive five years or more, according to data from the U.S. Labor Department, Business Employment Dynamics (BED). This proves that the road...

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    Long-Term Investment Truths

    Financial Advice | Retirement Planning
    Financial Advice | Retirement Planning
    Key lessons for retirement savers. You learn lessons as you invest in pursuit of long-run goals. Some of these lessons are conveyed and reinforced when you begin saving for retirement, and others you glean along the way....

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    The Value of Insuring Against Life's Risks

    Online Life Insurance Quotes
    Get an Online Life Insurance Quote Now
    Building wealth requires protection from the forces of wealth destruction. When you are planning for your future, what do you think about? You may think about your retirement, enjoying having the time and money to take...

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    Investing in Your Beliefs

    Financial Advise
    Retirement Planning Services

    Is your investment strategy as socially and environmentally conscious as you are? It's not uncommon – Many a well-educated, socially conscious, environmentally friendly investor winds up buying shares of companies whose beliefs and business practices are far removed from their own. Why?...

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    How Business Loans Work

    Business Loans
    Ready to grow your business? Apply for a Business Loan today.
    Small businesses embody the American dream. They symbolize financial and social success through hard work, determination and good old know-how. They help entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams in a way that benefits not only them...

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    Financial Planning With Health Insurance In Mind

    Financial Planning
    Financial Advice and the Need For Long Term Care Insurance

    How much might health care cost you someday? "Financially speaking, what would be the worst thing that could happen to you?" ​If you ask a hundred people in their forties that question, you may get...

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    Investing Means Tolerating Some Risk

    Annuity Quote
    Looking for Guaranteed Lifetime Income? Get an Annuity Quote
    That truth must always be recognized. When financial markets have a bad day, week, or month, discomforting headlines and data can swiftly communicate a message to retirees and retirement savers alike: equity investments are risky things,...

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    What The Secure Act Means To You, Your Taxes and Your Retirement Accounts.

    Podcast | Annuity Quote | ROTH IRA Conversions

    The SECURE Act brings the most sweeping changes to the U.S. retirement system in a decade. Because of that, there is bound to be some confusion about what the act actually does and how it...

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    Building Your Own Private Equity Bank

    Life Insurance Quotes | 401k Rollovers | ROTH IRA Conversions
    Life Insurance Quotes

    If you have money in a savings account, and you are paying off credit cards or borrowing money for any reason, learn how you can convert your debts into a lifetime of tax...

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    Emergency Fund 101: Protecting and Growing Your Fund

    Financial Advice
    Over 50% of Canadians¹ and nearly 60% of Americans² report that they don’t have savings to turn to in the event of an emergency.If something unexpected were to happen, do you have enough savings to get you and your family through it and back...

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    What Does “Pay Yourself First” Mean?

    Financial Advice

    Do you dread grabbing the mail every day?Bills, bills, mortgage payment, another bill, maybe some coupons for things you never buy, and of course, more bills. 

    There seems to be an endless stream of envelopes from companies all demanding payment for their products and services....

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    Life Insurance Helps Your Child Qualify for Federal Student Aid

    Online Life Insurance Quote
    Online Life Insurance Quote

    Find out how some families are lowering their taxable income...with life insurance.

    When your student applies for federal student aid (with the dreaded FAFSA form), his or her eligibility depends on your taxable income.

    The problem is...many...

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    Retirement Mathematics 101: How Much Will You Need?

    Have you ever wondered how someone could actually retire? The main difference between a strictly unemployed person and a retiree: A retiree has replaced their income somehow. This can be done in a variety of ways including (but not limited to):
    • Saving up a lump sum of...

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    Big Financial Rocks First

    Financial Advice

    A teacher walked into her classroom with a clear jar, a bag of rocks, a bucket of sand, and a glass of water. She placed all the large rocks carefully into the jar.

    “Who thinks this jar is full?” she asked. Almost half of...

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    Ways to pay off your mortgage faster

    It’s paradoxical how owning a home might make you feel more secure. But it may also be a constant source of worry, particularly if you still have a hefty mortgage payment each month. For some, having a mortgage is simply a part of life. But for others, it...

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    Looking for Life Insurance After Health Problems

    Buying life insurance on the open market when you have had health problems can be a challenge, and it can be expensive, too. But it is not impossible. When buying life insurance, you may have to complete a written and/or verbal medical questionnaire and complete a health...

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    Estate Planning: Passing On the Family Business

    Business Succession
    A successful family business is a cornerstone of many families' wealth. But passing the business along to the next generation takes substantial planning and preparation. A recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers report found that while just over half of the family-owned business executives wanted to pass...

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    Protect Against the Unforeseen with a Life Policy

    Term Life Insurance Quote

    In August 2016, more than 40,000 homes were damaged by devastating floods in Louisiana, and a majority of the homeowners didn’t have flood insurance. According to FEMA, which oversees the National Flood Insurance program, only 42% of homes in Louisiana’s high-risk...

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    Growing Company? New Business = New Insurance Needs

    Business Loans

    ​​Is your business experiencing growth? While this is good news for the entrepreneur, it also comes with challenges. As your business grows, it undergoes changes and encounters new needs. As you adjust your revenue projections, expand your market, and invest for continued growth,...

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    More Than Half of Americans Forced To Retire Earlier Than Planned

    Retirement Planning

    Most people plan out their financial lives assuming a retirement around age 65, and maybe 70 in some professions. And given good health, that's a reasonable assumption. But it's also often a bad one. According to a new survey from Prudential Life Insurance,...

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    How To Shield Up To 25% Of Your 401k or IRA From RMDs

    Coming off your year-end scramble to make sure your RMDs were done in time?

    If so, start the new year off right - shield up to 25% of your qualified money from RMDs until age...

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    The Biggest Money Mistakes Retirees Make


    The abundance of investment options that are available to us as we plan for a financially secure retirement can be daunting. Some retirees take too much risk. Others do not. ​ Here we look at the biggest mistakes retirees make, and how you can...

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    The top 8 reasons to consider life insurance

    Term Life Insurance Quotes

    Life will often seem to present signals about financial moves to make. Starting your first job babysitting or mowing lawns? Probably a good idea to begin saving some of those earnings. Need to pay for college? You’ll want to apply...

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    How Food and Exercise Could Lower Your Premiums

    Term Life Insurance Quotes

    At least one life insurance company is beginning to offer customers financial incentives for working to stay healthy, and others may follow suit. Under this program, customers can reduce their annual life insurance premiums by as much as 15% if they...

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    What is an Annuity Free Withdrawal?


    One of the chief criticisms of annuities is their relative lack of liquidity. This is true in some respects. Annuity owners give up complete liquidity in exchange for other benefits, including insurer guarantees for lifetime income, guaranteed growth, or protection from downside risk.


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    Do you need life insurance to secure an SBA loan?

    Life Insurance

    Building your business? You might need outside funding to reach your goals. There’s no doubt that applying for a loan comes with a lengthy to-do list.

    If you’re applying for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan and plan to stay involved in...

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    Securing a Guaranteed Income For Life.


    Many of us understand the need for protection against the financial consequences of unexpected illness and death. But what about the financial impacts of living a long life? Americans are living longer into retirement than ever before. That means retirement savings need to last...

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    What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance with Living Benefits?

    Life Insurance

    How You Can Use Indexed Universal life For Your Child and Retirement. Life insurance with living benefits is what the industry refers to as the “new type of life insurance”. New life insurance offers living benefits and old life insurance doesn’t. Simply stated,...

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    What To Do If You're Worried About Stock Market Volatility


    A volatile stock market is fine for the 20 - and 30 - somethings. It's a different matter for people approaching retirement. Your retirement nest egg should be a source of security and comfort to you. It shouldn't be something that makes your blood...

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    What Does Your Advisor Use for Retirement Income Planning Strategies?


    As another year passes by, more people join the ranks of retirees. Since 2011, roughly 10,000 baby boomers have turned 65 years old each day, according to Pew Research. It predicts that trend to go on until 2029.

    From second-act careers to volunteering...

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    Key Person Insurance

    Term Life Insurance

    A way for businesses – especially niche businesses – to address a major risk. Who are the people most crucial to your business? Have you taken steps to insure them? At every company, there are certain people whose absence would cause day-to-day...

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    The Tax Treatment of Annuities - What You Need To Know.


    Annuities are valuable tools, when used correctly. No other Financial product on the market can provide the kinds of guarantees on income that an annuity does. But it's vital to understand the tax treatment of annuities as well. Here are some of the most...

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    New Year, New (Financial) You!

    Life Insurance

    The new year is best known for resolutions. The trouble is that many new year’s resolutions don’t survive past the first month or so. Why is that? You might suspect it’s because we set unrealistic goals or lack the proper motivation. If you’ve...

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    How the SECURE Act Could Change Your Retirement


    It's happened. After a nearly unanimous passage in the U.S. House of Representatives, the SECURE Act (Setting Up Every Community for Retirement Enhancement Act) has become law. The legislation was “attached” to a bipartisan spending bill with the goal of avoiding another government...

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    Term or permanent: which life insurance is the best fit for you?

    Term Life Insurance Quote

    Get the Life Insurance Protection You Need

    There are two basic types of life insurance:

    Term life insurance provides affordable, basic insurance protection for a specified period of time. It does not build cash value over time.

    Permanent life insurance...

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    Guaranteed Income during Retirement Is Possible...Click to Learn How


    Annuities Offer Guaranteed Retirement Income

    Concerned about making your savings last for your retirement?

    Traditional retirement benefits such as pensions are vanishing, and 46% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.*

    Annuities can help make retirement more predictable. In exchange for...

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    4 Ways Buy-Sell Protects Your Business

    The Advantages of a Buy-Sell Agreement

    If you pass away suddenly, a buy-sell agreement makes sure the business stays afloat.

    4 Ways Buy-Sell Protects Your Business:

    • Life insurance creates a lump sum of cash to fund the buy-sell agreement at death.
    • Life insurance proceeds are usually paid...

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    How Does a 401k Rollover Work?

    It’s no secret that we can’t depend on Social Security or pensions alone to provide the income necessary to live out our golden years of retirement. Today’s retirees are more active and enjoying longer lives than ever before.

    Are you certain your current retirement plan will...

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    What's the Difference Between PMI and Mortgage Protection Insurance?

    Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is a type of insurance you may be required to pay for when you take out a conventional home loan. If you’re buying a home, lenders require PMI as part of a conventional loan to protect them in case you end up in...

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    Hey Millennials Think Your 401k Beats an IUL

    The two most primary concerns in retirement planning today for most individuals are stock market volatility and taxation—and IUL can help assist you in overcoming both.

    Stock market downturns in recent years have sparked real concern about the negative impact future volatility could have on retirement assets....

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    How Does Whole Life Insurance Work?

    Life Insurance

    Having life insurance is an important decision, especially for those with dependents relying on their income. However, you may wonder what type of life insurance is right for you. Whole life insurance is just one of many insurance options to consider....

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    How Does Term Life Insurance Work?

    Term Life Insurance Quotes

    Term life insurance gives coverage for temporary needs. It is considered to be the most straightforward form of life insurance. In a term policy, an insurance carrier promises to give coverage in exchange for a fixed rate of payments...

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    It's Official: Social Security Benefits Are Getting a 1.6% Boost in 2020


    On October 10, the Social Security Administration officially released the amount of their cost-of-living adjustment for 2020. Almost 70 million Americans will see their Social Security benefits rise by 1.6% next year.

    While this raise is less than the 2.8% cost-of-living-adjustment for 2019,...

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    What is Life Insurance?

    Term Life Insurance

    Are you thinking about getting a life insurance policy? There are many options available. If you’re wondering which path is the right one, here are life insurance basics which can help you get started.

    In simple terms, a life...

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    Estate Planning Basics


    One big concern when designing an estate plan is taxes. After all, it’s the means by which you transfer wealth to inheritors. The act of giving away your property may be subject to taxes on the state or federal level, or even both.


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    Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?


    Nobel prize winner William Sharpe calls it the “nastiest, hardest problem in finance.” What is that? Decumulation, or the process of building a dependable lifelong income stream from your retirement savings.

    It’s no wonder millions of Americans are asking if they will have...

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    Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

    Term life insurance

    The term versus permanent life insurance debate has lingered for years. It is a long-standing question, but it need not be “either-or.” Neither type of coverage is universally superior to the other. Both options have appropriate uses, depending on the needs...

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    What Do Small Business Owners Need Help With?

    Term Life Insurance

    Small business owners are usually a jack-of-all-trades when starting out. Without a budget for staffing or outside help, busy entrepreneurs often work day and night to establish and grow their business. Here are some areas where business owners should consider concentrating their...

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    Refinance Your Business Debt by Learning More About Refinancing

    Business Loans

    The “D” word – debt! It strikes fear into the heart of most consumers and business owners. However, there are valid reasons taking on debt can help your small business grow.

    The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about the benefits...

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    These Lifetime Income Options Can Help You Reach More Financial Confidence


    Today, Americans bear more financial responsibility for their retirement than ever.

    The days of receiving monthly pension checks are gradually fading. According to Willis Towers Watson, only 16% of Fortune 500 companies were offering pensions to new hires in 2017, down from 59%...

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    Beware the Retirement Red Zone in Your Retirement Planning

    Annuity Quote

    When a football team gets the ball inside the opposing team’s 20-yard line, they are considered to be in the “red zone." There it's more likely that they will score.

    If you are within ten years of retirement (either before or after),...

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    2020 IRS Contribution Limits for Retirement Plans

    401k Retirement Plans

    It's here. The IRS has posted the new income and contribution limits for all types of retirement plans and accounts for 2020. The IRS also covered income and contribution limits for different medical savings accounts.

    Many of the income thresholds and...

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    Heed Your Target Retirement Age When You Plan for Retirement


    Several factors come into play when you plan for your retirement. Your age, longevity, and the returns that you will earn from your retirement portfolio are just a few. In some form or fashion, all of those can play into your target retirement...

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    Have These Financial Conversations During the Holidays

    Estate Planning

    Ah, the holidays… an annual time of food, fellowship, and fun with family, friends, and loved ones. Everyone returns home and catches up on all of the family happenings over the past year.

    But the holidays can also be stressful and fast-paced,...

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    4 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor At Your Annual Review

    Retirement Planning

    As the end of the year approaches, now is an excellent time for you to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor. An annual review of your financial situation is an ideal reason to come together.

    Not only can you review the...

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    5 Financial Fails to Avoid in Retirement


    Retirement planning is, in many ways, a guessing game. You can’t be sure of exactly how long you will live. How much income you will need might not be clear. And you don’t know if you will need long-term care support.

    Even so,...

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    Required Minimum Distributions - How Can They Affect Your Retirement?


    Uncle Sam can be one of your key partners in your retirement saving. If you have money in a traditional IRA or an employer-sponsored retirement plan, then that money automatically receives tax-deferred status in the eyes of the IRS. Other accounts like SIMPLE...

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    How Long Might You Spend in Retirement?


    People are living longer than before, leading many to ask: “How long could my retirement really last?” In generations past, retirement represented a relatively short period of time in most peoples' lives. They would work until they were 60 or 65 and then...

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    Retirement Tax Planning - How You Can Get More from Your Money

    Retirement Tax Planning

    Fortunately, there are several ways that you can reduce your tax bill after you stop working through the proper use of annuities and IRAs.

    The order in which you withdraw your assets can also substantially impact the amount of tax...

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    How Much Income Will You Really Need for Retirement?

    Annuity Quote

    Calculating how much income you will need for retirement isn’t necessarily an easy task. Your health expenses will probably increase, but your mortgage payments may decrease or stop. Meanwhile, other expenses might continue to change over time.

    Of course, you likely won’t...

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    How To Close the Retirement Income Gap

    Retirement Income

    When you determine how much income you'll need in retirement, you may base your projection on the type of lifestyle you plan to have and when you want to retire. However, as you grow closer to retirement, you may discover that your...

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    Common Factors Affecting Retirement Income

    Retirement Planning Services

    When it comes to planning for your retirement income, it's easy to overlook some of the common factors that can affect how much you'll have available to spend. If you don't consider how your retirement income can be impacted by investment...

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    Retirement Tips: How to Protect Retirement Money and Maximize Income


    As you gear up for retirement, you may have heard of “safe money solutions.” Are they right for you? It’s an important question, especially since retirement planning is more difficult than it's ever been in history.

    Past generations could count on company...

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    When Should I Review My Home Insurance Coverage?

    Insurance is an important part of being a homeowner. Not only does it protect you from damages caused by things like fire and vandalism, but it can also protect your personal property or additional structures like garages, and provide liability coverage.

    But when is it time to review your coverages?...

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