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Hey Millennials Think Your 401k Beats an IUL

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Hey Millennials Think Your 401k Beats an IUL

The two most primary concerns in retirement planning today for most individuals are stock market volatility and taxation—and IUL can help assist you in overcoming both.

Stock market downturns in recent years have sparked real concern about the negative impact future volatility could have on retirement assets.

Additionally, all indicators point towards future tax increases, meaning the fully taxed IRA and 401(k)s may not get the job done when it comes to helping secure a retirement income that will last as long as retirees live.

For this reason, the opportunity to set up a “TAX FREE” income source to supplement income in retirement is looking more and more attractive to individuals attempting to save for retirement.

At Jennifer Lang Financial Services we'll work with you to design a tax-free retirement that fits your goals and your budget. Contact us today.