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How Does a 401k Rollover Work?

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How Does a 401k Rollover Work?

It’s no secret that we can’t depend on Social Security or pensions alone to provide the income necessary to live out our golden years of retirement. Today’s retirees are more active and enjoying longer lives than ever before.

Are you certain your current retirement plan will last as long as you need it and keep you in a comfortable lifestyle? Have your retirement funds been diminished by losses in the stock market?

Well, what if you could enjoy:

  • the gains of the stock market without the risk;

  • the tax-deferred benefits of a qualified plan;

  • the flexibility to fund and withdraw your money tax-free regardless of age and income;

  • guaranteed lifetime income; and

  • provide a tax-free income for your heirs?

It’s possible and we can show you how to enjoy the benefits of tax-free retirement income. What are your dreams for retirement? We can help you get there. Watch to learn more....