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Can You Afford to Ignore This Retirement Risk?

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Can You Afford to Ignore This Retirement Risk?

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Chronic Illness Is a Major Problem for Senior Adults.1
Are you protected?2
Boomers are living longer. And, a healthy retirement plan should account for the possibility of needing care later in life. Being prepared can help protect your retirement portfolio, as well as your spouse and children.

An Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy (IUL)
can be an ideal solution because it combines a lifetime guaranteed death benefit3 with built-in protection if you would need care due to a chronic or terminal illness.4

By adding an IUL policy to your portfolio, you can have one solution that helps you meet multiple needs for the years ahead because it provides:
  • Lifetime guaranteed financial protection
  • Significant cash value and death benefit growth opportunities with a choice of interest crediting strategies
  • Protection from market losses
  • A penalty-free return of premium5
  • Chronic and terminal illness protection

    When you need care,IUL makes getting access to cash benefits easy.
    There are no restrictions, and you never have to send a medical receipt for reimbursement. 

    For more information, please contact us.
  • 1Institute on Aging, 2018.2This is not long-term care insurance.3The policy is guaranteed not to lapse if there is no indebtedness. Indebtedness could cause the policy to lapse.4Chronic illness is not available on Standard risk classes, but terminal illness is available.5Less any withdrawals, indebtedness, and benefit payments.