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Annuities make it more feasible to retire in a down market.

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Annuities make it more feasible to retire in a down market.

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If you are within five years of retirement (before or after), you're especially vulnerable to a downturn. A recent RetireOne study showed what happens to someone who retires with $100,000 in a down market, compared to someone who retires with the same amount in an up market. Both hypothetical investors earned an annual average return of 4%, with the same withdrawals taken at the same time.

The difference? After 15 years, the down-market retiree has $35,889, while the up-market retiree has $105,944. Yeah, the market cycle makes that big a difference.

Annuities make it possible to insure your income stream against the effects of a down market. With an annuity providing guaranteed income, you don't have to draw down principal as rapidly during subpar market conditions. 

Annuities are not investments. They are a savings vehicle meant to help pre-retirees and retirees protect against the risk of outliving their assets.

Annuity purchasers are people looking for peace of mind. They want to participate in gain without losing big.

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