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Financial Moves for Adults Living with Parents

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Financial Moves for Adults Living with Parents

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A major trend in 21st Century American life is the number of young adults living at home with parents or other family. The numbers jumped over 10% since 2000 and 15.3% at the turn of the millennium to 26.3% in 2016, per a report this year from the National Association of Home Builders. Further evidence comes from a 2016 finding from the Pew Research center, which found that, for adults aged 18-34, living with at least one parent had become the most common living arrangement.

There are many reasons for the trend: Underemployment, low wages, the rising cost of housing, and overwhelming student loan debt. For some, living with the folks is a necessity. For others, it is an opportunity.

The opportunity comes from living under a roof owned by someone more sympathetic than a landlord or rental agency. Taking advantage of the situation may take the form of using the time at home to make larger payments to student loans (avoiding larger interest payments), building a nest egg for emergencies, and paying off credit card debts (or building credit).

The time can also be useful if you are building good budgeting habits; perhaps you are making regular, small rental payments to your parents or relatives, or maybe paying one of the utilities. Ultimately, these practices can help you prepare for a time when you are ready to find a place of your own. 2
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