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Tips for Getting a Head Start on College Savings

College Planning | Ways to Pay for College
There are a number of federally and state-sponsored, tax-advantaged college savings programs available.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates a middle-income family with a child born today can expect to spend about $285,000 to raise that child...

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An Unprecedented Rush To Cash

401k Rollover | TSP Rollover
Economists are struggling with the question, “When will consumers be confident enough to start spending some of that cash stockpile?”

As Americans adjust their spending habits in a rapidly changing economy, they are building cash reserves at an unprecedented rate.

The Bureau of...

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Is a SEP-IRA Right for Your Business?

Small Business Owner Retirement Planning | SEP
Most business owners and professional will need at least $1 million in retirement to maintain their lifestyle.

If you're like many small business owners, running your own business is an all-consuming endeavor.

In the face of everyday demands,...

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How Will Working Affect Social Security Benefits?

Social Security | Retirement Planning
Starting Social Security benefits before reaching full retirement age brings into play the earnings test.

In a recent survey, 68% of current workers stated they plan to work for pay after retiring.1

And that possibility raises an interesting question: How will working affect...

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Red Flags for Tax Auditors

Business Formation | business tax accounting
The IRS has a scoring system it calls the Discriminant Information Function that is based on the deduction, credit, and exemption norms for taxpayers in each of the income brackets.

No one wants to see an Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

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9 Facts About Retirement

Retirement Planning | 401k Rollover

Retirement can have many meanings. For some, it will be a time to travel and spend time with family members. For others, it will be a time to start a new business or begin a charitable endeavor. Regardless of what approach...

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IRA Withdrawals that Escape the 10% Tax Penalty

The SECURE Act | IRA Withdrawals | Retirement Planning
Under the SECURE Act, in most circumstances, once you reach age 72, you must begin taking required minimum distributions from a Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

The reason withdrawals from an Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) prior...

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The Business Cycle

Small Business Owner Retirement | Investing
Investors who understand that the economy moves through periods of recovery and recession may have a better perspective on the overall cycle.

What has upswings and downturns, troughs, peaks, and plateaus? Though such terms could easily describe a roller coaster ride,...

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Countdown to College

College Scholarships | College Financial Aid
Preparing for college means setting goals, staying focused, and tackling a few key milestones along the way.

As a parent, of course you want to give your child the best opportunity for success, and for many, attending the “right” university...

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Eight Mistakes That Can Upend Your Retirement

Annuity | Annuity Quote | 401k Rollover Services
Workers have tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement.

Pursuing your retirement dreams is challenging enough without making some common, and very avoidable, mistakes. Here are eight big mistakes to steer clear of, if possible.

  1. No Strategy: Yes, the...

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