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Certain Uncertainties in Retirement

Financial Advice | Financial Advisor | Retirement Planning
Over a 30-year period, uncertainties may evaporate or resolve themselves, but new ones historically have emerged.

The uncertainties we face in retirement can erode our sense of confidence, potentially undermining our outlook during those years.

Indeed, according to...

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What Is a FIST Score?

Financial Wellness | Retirement Planning | Debt Consolidation
FIST Score is built to help you build and sustain an individual action plan customized to meet your financial goals.


Gauging your financial health is much more complex than determining your credit...

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Monthly Market Insights | May 2020

Financial Advisor | Investing | Wealth Management
What Investors May Be Talking About in May

U.S. Markets

Stocks rebounded sharply in April, fueled by a flattening pandemic curve and positive results from a clinical trial investigating a treatment for the virus.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average,...

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Does Your Portfolio Fit Your Retirement Lifestyle?

Financial Advisor | Retirement Planning | Asset Management
How you choose to live in retirement may be an additional factor to consider when building your portfolio.

Most portfolios are constructed based on an individual's investment objective, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Using these inputs and...

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Three Key Questions to Answer Before Taking Social Security

Social Security | retirement Planning | Financial Advisor

Social Security is a critical component of the retirement financial strategy for many Americans, so before you begin taking it, you should consider three important questions. The answers may affect whether you make the most of...

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See Why You Need Life Insurance

Insurance | Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote
Without a doubt, your first priority in life is taking care of your children. It's a good time to start thinking about their future.
Everyone deserves a secure financial future—and that's why life insurance is so important. Whether...

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Social Security: Maximizing Benefits

Social Security | Financial Advisor | Retirement Planning
There are multiple ways you can potentially raise your Social Security benefits.

Most understand that waiting to claim Social Security benefits can result in higher monthly payments. However, many don’t know that there are other ways...

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Learn How To Make Smarter Choices About Retirement

Financial Advisor | Registered Investment Advisor | Retirement Planning
Even if you consider yourself a conservative investor, remember that stocks historically have provided higher long-term total returns than cash alternatives or bonds, even though they also involve greater risk of volatility and potential loss.

Five Keys to...

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Value vs. Growth Investing

Wealth Management | Investing | Registered Investment Advisor

Looking at their recent track records doesn’t do much to settle the debate. Over the past decade, as a whole, value stocks have not performed as well as growth stocks.1 But looking at a larger body of...

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Jennifer Lang Financial Services Launches New eBook to Tackle the Financial Planning Issues of Women

Books Online | Free ebooks | Financial Advice | Retirement Planning | Financial Advisor
Women have unique financial needs. This eBook serves to help women with tips and guidance to maximize growth and protect retirement capital.
Retirement Planning Specialist and Author Jennifer Lang, today announced the...

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