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Prevent a Rift: Money Tips for Newlyweds

Life Insurance | Financial Advice | Financial Advisor

In a recent study, 88% of millennials admitted that financial decisions are a source of tension in their relationship with a spouse or partner. This could help explain why some experts say financial problems are the #1...

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Your Emergency Fund: How Much Is Enough?

Life Insurance | IUL | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
The ideal amount of your emergency fund may depend on your financial situation and lifestyle.

Have you ever had one of those months? The water heater stops heating, the dishwasher stops washing, and your family ends up...

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What a Market Correction Means for You

401K Rollover | IRA | Retirement Planning
As an investor, getting through a correction means having the poise to ride out short-term volatility.

Here’s a quick refresher: a correction is defined as a decline of 10% or greater from a recent high in the financial markets. Corrections...

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ROTH IRA Conversions in the Era of COVID-19

401K Rollover | IRA | ROTH IRA | Retirement Planning
In the face of the market downturn after the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be in a unique financial situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up nearly every aspect of American life. To say it’s been a difficult...

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401K Options After a Job Loss

401K Rollover | IRA | Retirement Planning
The CARES Act waives the 10% early withdrawal penalties on 401(k) plans, giving some account owners up to three years to replace what they take out of their 401K.

Few life events are more stressful than a job loss.


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How to fund an annuity from your IRA

401K Rollover | IRA | ROTH IRA | Annuity
Deferred annuities may offer protection of your principal. Fixed deferred annuities guarantee your principal and a minimum rate of interest as declared in the contract when you buy the annuity.
Annuities as an IRA Investment Option A...

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American Women Do Not Have Enough Life Insurance

Life Insurance | Online Life Insurance Quote
The younger and healthier you are, the less life insurance will cost you.
Both women who work and those who stay at home contribute to the economy and to their families. From completing household tasks to making important decisions...

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Common Financial Potholes

Personal Financial Planning | Financial Advisor
The journey to financial independence can feel a bit like driving around with your entire retirement fund stashed in the open-air bed of a pickup truck. Every dollar bill is at the mercy of the elements. Think of an unforeseen...

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Claiming Social Security Early -- How Much Does It Leave On the Table?

Annuity | Annuity Quote | Social Security

Sure, you can start your Social Security benefits at age 62. But is it better to claim early or delay benefits until a later date? While a one-size-fits-all answer doesn’t work for everybody, a new study suggests that ill-timed...

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Improve Your Love Life... With a Financial Strategy?

Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quote | Financial Planning
Everyone could use a little help on their way to financial stability and independence.
Who knew that having a financial strategy in place has the potential to improve your love life?​ Here's the proof: 84% of Americans...

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