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Will your retirement money last as long as you do?

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To maximize your money, think about your retirement portfolio as having three different buckets.
If you worry that your money won't last your entire retirement, you're not alone. As of 2017, the average 65‑year‑old man can expect to live...

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Medicare Advantage Part D Plans Get COVID-19 Leeway

Medicare Advantage Part D | coronavirus | COVID-19

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued new guidance regarding how Medicare Advantage and Part D plans can respond to enrollees affected by the  coronavirus outbreak.

Under the guidance, the plans are authorized, but not required...

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Types Of Commercial Real Estate Loans: Your Top 5 Options

Business Loan | SBA Loan | Fast & Easy Small Business Loan
Interested in a commercial real estate purchase or refinance? Consider these business loan options.

Purchasing or refinancing a commercial real estate (CRE) property can help a business owner build personal net worth and strengthen...

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Five Smart Things You Can Do with Life Insurance Cash Value

Life Insurance | Retirement Planning
If your beneficiaries are grown up and no longer rely on your life insurance death benefit, you may execute a 1035 exchange to a lifetime income annuity maximizing your income over your expected lifetime, rather than paying a large death benefit....

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Will I Run Out Of Money In Retirement?

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Healthcare will become more costly as you go along in retirement as well. Include some buffer in your projections for health costs.

Investment planning is different from retirement planning and as retirement age Americans sit helplessly waiting for a cure to COVID-19,...

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How to Combat Inflation Risk When Facing Retirement In a Bear Market.

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Like everything, inflation adds up over time.

Does the prospect of saving for retirement seem more daunting than ever? You may be concerned with market losses, the risk of outliving your money and Inflation.

Ronald Reagan once famously said“Inflation is...

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Ten Year Warning! How Retiring In a Bear Market Affects How Long Your Retirement Savings Will Last

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Investment planning is different from retirement planning. As you get closer to retirement, it's important to start planning your retirement income strategy or you may need a refined or updated income plan that helps you achieve your specific retirement goals.

The 2008...

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Ready to Aim for Financial Wellness? You Need a Guide

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Managing money without a plan is like steering a ship without a rudder.

Have you ever seen a documentary on thrill-seekers heading to some far-flung destination?

Scaling Mount Everest. Base-jumping off Europe’s Troll Wall. Biking on the World’s Most Dangerous...

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Do Millennials Face More Financial Hardships?

Financial Advice | Financial Advisor
But rather than making condemning judgements toward a group of people, ask yourself this: how do Millennials actually feel about certain things, like retirement or the economy or getting a job?

Because every generation believes that younger generations have it...

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Healthcare Cost To Consume Half of Social Security Income By 2030

Retirement Planning | Long-Term Care Insurance
Plan ahead for long-term care costs. Medicaid only kicks in after you have spent down most of your assets to poverty levels, and only if your income is at the poverty level in your state.

​In 11 years, health care...

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