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6 Reasons To Use Index Universal Life Insurance To Save For Retirement

Life Insurance Quote | Indexed Universal Life Insurance
Learn safer alternatives to the stock market.

A key reason that index universal life has become so popular is that it is an excellent product in which to save money now to produce steady cash flow later in...

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How To Protect Your Home Mortgage Obligation

Mortgage Protection Insurance | Term Life Insurance

If you have a home mortgage, and a monthly payment that is dependent on your earned income, watch this short video to learn how you can pay off your home mortgage or continue making your monthly mortgage payment even...

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Survey:Gen Xers Sandwiched Between Multiple Financial Priorities

Retirement | Retirement Planning
Medicare does not pay for long-term care. Medicare only pays for 100 days. After that, what's your plan B? Talk to us, we can help.
“The Breakfast Club” was a classic coming-of-age film. The stars of the movie? Gen X misfits dreaming of...

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Protect the Profitability and Value of Your Business With Key Man Insurance

Small Business Owner | Business Insurance
Every business owner has to prepare for the future. It helps to speak with a knowledgeable financial professional to lead you along the way.

If you are a business owner, and your profitability is dependent on the special skills, experience,...

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What If I'm Not 59 and 1/2 Years Old?

Annuity Quote
You have options. You can roll over your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or lump sum pension payment into an annuity tax-free.

The sky is falling! ......Okay maybe not, but the Coronavirus is looking like the sort of unexpected, black swan event that scrambles...

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Here's Why America Needs a Financial Wake-Up Call

Annuity Quote | Retirement
Nearly one in two Americans (48%) said they worry about their finances, leading to sleep loss, distractions at work, and other disruptors in work performance.

If consumer studies give any indication, America needs a financial wake-up call. A lack of consumer financial...

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401(k) vs. IUL

Life Insurance | Safer than the Stock Market
Indexed Universal Life Insurance offers some potential for savings growth while keeping your money intact when the market falls.
In the last decade, we had two major market crashes. Understandably, many working professionals worry about the long-term safety of...

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5 Reasons Why Having Life Insurance Is Good for You

Online Life Insurance Quote
Life insurance can also maximize a pension by supplementing a surviving spouse’s income, or established into a life insurance trust to allow you to pass on to your heirs outside of your estate (often avoiding both estate and income taxes).

We get...

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A Retirement Fact Sheet

Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
The reality of retirement may surprise you. If you have not met with a financial professional about your retirement savings and income needs, you may wish to do so.

Some specifics about the "second act." Does your vision of retirement...

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Retirement Income Planning for Couples

Financial Planning | Retirement Planning
Baby boomers had the highest level of disagreement about how much money they need for their lifestyle in retirement.
Over the years, you and your spouse have probably had many wonderful conversations about your retirement dreams. Maybe you talked about traveling to...

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