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Is Your Company's 401(k) Plan as Good as It Could Be?

401k Rollover Services | Retirement Planning
401(k) Rollover Services and No-Market Risk Retirement Planning
Is your company's 401(k) plan as good as it could be? Two recent court rulings may make you want to double-check. How often do retirement plan sponsors check up on 401(k)s? ​Not as often...

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Keep Your Umbrella Handy

Financial Advice | Annuity Quote
Financial advice by
Have a home-based business? Have a teen driver? Consider umbrella insurance. In 2017, the U.S. had a record 11.5 million millionaires, up from 10.8 million in the previous year. An increase in personal wealth may bring greater financial...

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Annuities Are Not For Investors, Annuities Are For Savers.

Annuity Quote | Retirement Income Planning
Annuities offer guaranteed income peace of mind against loss. Something the stock market cannot do.

Comparing annuities to stocks and mutual funds, is like comparing apples to oranges. They are just not the same.

The path to saving for...

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Preparing to Retire Single

Annuity Quote | ROTH IRAs
ROTH IRA Conversions Can Help Shield Up to 25% In Taxes
Unmarrieds need to approach retirement planning pragmatically. In an ideal world, it would be simple to prepare for a solo retirement. You would just save half as much as a couple...

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Managing Your Tax Brackets: Planning If Taxes Go Up and Planning If Taxes Go Down

Retirement Planning | Income Taxes
Tax-free Retirement Planning at

It’s always important to diversify and spread your risk among many investments. Diversification can help protect you from fluctuations among different assets and asset classes.1 But, what about diversifying your tax rate exposure? By diversifying among different...

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Pros & Cons of Different Small Business Retirement Plans

Small Business Owner Retirement Plans
Small Business Owner Retirement Plans at
As a small business owner, you may want a better retirement plan – one that will let you and your key employees save much more for retirement. If the annual contribution limits on standard...

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Annuities make it more feasible to retire in a down market.

Annuity Quote
Get an Annuity Quote From a Safe Money Retirement Income Pro

If you are within five years of retirement (before or after), you're especially vulnerable to a downturn. A recent RetireOne study showed what happens to someone who retires with...

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Searching for Health Coverage in the Years Before Medicare

Financial Advice | Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning with Medicare in Mind.
What are your options for insuring yourself prior to age 65? If you retire before age 65, you must be prepared to address two insurance issues. One, finding health coverage in the period before you can...

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When You Retire Without Enough

Annuity Quote | Retirement Planning
Retirement planning should include annuities for guaranteed lifetime income and long-term care benefits
Start your "second act" with inadequate assets, and your vision of the future may be revised. How much have you saved for retirement? Are you on pace to amass...

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Yes, Young Growing Families Can Save & Invest

Online Life Insurance Quotes | Financial Planning
Start Your Own Retirement Plan With Only $100 a month.
It may seem like a tall order, but it can be accomplished. Plan to put yourself steps ahead of your peers. If you have a young, growing family, no doubt...

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