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Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

Term life insurance

The term versus permanent life insurance debate has lingered for years. It is a long-standing question, but it need not be “either-or.” Neither type of coverage is universally superior to the other. Both options have appropriate uses, depending on the needs...

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What Do Small Business Owners Need Help With?

Term Life Insurance

Small business owners are usually a jack-of-all-trades when starting out. Without a budget for staffing or outside help, busy entrepreneurs often work day and night to establish and grow their business. Here are some areas where business owners should consider concentrating their...

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Refinance Your Business Debt by Learning More About Refinancing

Business Loans

The “D” word – debt! It strikes fear into the heart of most consumers and business owners. However, there are valid reasons taking on debt can help your small business grow.

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about the benefits...

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These Lifetime Income Options Can Help You Reach More Financial Confidence


Today, Americans bear more financial responsibility for their retirement than ever.

The days of receiving monthly pension checks are gradually fading. According to Willis Towers Watson, only 16% of Fortune 500 companies were offering pensions to new hires in 2017, down from 59%...

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Beware the Retirement Red Zone in Your Retirement Planning

Annuity Quote

When a football team gets the ball inside the opposing team’s 20-yard line, they are considered to be in the “red zone." There it's more likely that they will score.

If you are within ten years of retirement (either before or after),...

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2020 IRS Contribution Limits for Retirement Plans

401k Retirement Plans

It's here. The IRS has posted the new income and contribution limits for all types of retirement plans and accounts for 2020. The IRS also covered income and contribution limits for different medical savings accounts.

Many of the income thresholds and...

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Heed Your Target Retirement Age When You Plan for Retirement


Several factors come into play when you plan for your retirement. Your age, longevity, and the returns that you will earn from your retirement portfolio are just a few. In some form or fashion, all of those can play into your target retirement...

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Have These Financial Conversations During the Holidays

Estate Planning

Ah, the holidays… an annual time of food, fellowship, and fun with family, friends, and loved ones. Everyone returns home and catches up on all of the family happenings over the past year.

But the holidays can also be stressful and fast-paced,...

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4 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor At Your Annual Review

Retirement Planning

As the end of the year approaches, now is an excellent time for you to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor. An annual review of your financial situation is an ideal reason to come together.

Not only can you review the...

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5 Financial Fails to Avoid in Retirement


Retirement planning is, in many ways, a guessing game. You can’t be sure of exactly how long you will live. How much income you will need might not be clear. And you don’t know if you will need long-term care support.

Even so,...

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